Jim Dowling in court over Swan Island arrests

Dear friends, I am just writing to let you know I go to court in Geelong, Victoria, on 18th June. I have been charged with trespass for entering the Swan Island SAS base on Oct 2nd 2014

Eight of us were arrested on that day, four of whom were brutally assaulted by two SAS officers after their clothes were cut off them.

Greg Rolles writes about the Swan Island action history as well as a very personal account of the vicious assault he suffered at the hands of the SAS. (See attachment)

All other seven people arrested have pleaded guilty and have been sentenced receiving either no conviction or small fines.

I refused to plead guilty and sent the attached letter to the court (Magistrate Mellas). Hence my court date next month.

In their briefs of evidence the police have omitted any reference to the violence of the SAS officers which they witnessed.

I will attempt to put war on trial, highlighting the cover up of the violence perpetrated on Swan Island with the cover-up of the violence inflicted by “our side” on the people of the middle east

If anyone reading this is from Melbourne, you are most welcome to come to the trial. I may even be able to give you a lift.



My take on Swan Island Peace Convergence.docx
Letter to Magistrate Mellas.docx

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