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Carmody’s curse

There is nothing more evil than a prison posing as freedom. – Anon

Warning: This report contains facts that are correct

In an exclusive interview with Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ Fridays at Noon), Chief Justice Carmody yesterday revealed that his mates on the bench had knifed him in the back. He demanded that the ALP government declare a People’s Court in Queensland and that he get a $50k raise in salary from his current $500k per annum to sort it all out. Otherwise he would fall on his sword.

Yvette D’Arth (Attorney General) was too busy stopping council de-amalgamation in Redcliffe to talk with P Shift about this new development. Last night Hetty Johnson was backing ‘Big’ Tim’s stand and wants to see Archbishop George Pell in the dock for child abuse.

Carmody wants the four-month-old Labor government led by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk ‘to wake up and set up a judicial commission’.

There are rumours that the ALP will back an outsider for Carmody’s job as Chief Justice. Paradigm Shift has been talking odds that Father Frank Brennan has been offered the post.

While still at long odds ‘Saint’ Frank LLB (UQ) claimed that he had given up a seat on Court of Appeal to former UQ sweetheart Margaret McMurdo in order to help aboriginal people and refugees. Not Guilty.jpg

During his ten-months in the state’s top judicial job, the court system has seen fierce in-fighting and controversy including judges publicly challenging and condemning Justice Carmody and the Court of Appeal President Margaret McMurdo refusing to work with him due to his handling of the appeal case of Daniel Morcombe’s killer.

Frank Brennan says he does not care less about Archbishop George Pell and feels that the catholic church is ‘on the rocks’ as a viable religious institution”. He has penned a book called “Too much Latin and not enough Morals” in a savage critique of Tim Carmody’s prior appointment to the Supreme Court by Campbell Newmam who is walking around Ashgrove with a big “L” pasted to his forehead.

Father Frank said: “My dad and chief justice Jed Brennan (who ruled in favour of Eddie Mabo’s land rights claim) would turn in his grave to see such dysfunction on the bench in Queensland. “

“It is a sad day for the court and for the catholic church’s grip of top jobs in the law” Saint Frank said as he disappeared into his grate for evening prayers.

Should he fail in his attempt to set up a People’s Court, Tim Carmody said that he would retire on his $400K per annum pension and write a memoir called ‘Guilty’ in reply to Terry O’Gorman’s wonderful guide to Civil Liberties in Queensland called “Not Guilty” (pictured).

The former President of the Council for Civil Liberties was briefly interviewed coming out of the YMCA gym saying “No, No, No to Tim!”

O’Gorman said that Frank Brennan was ‘born with a silver spoon in his mouth’ and that the ALP should look elsewhere for Chief Justice, ‘preferably a St James College oldboy‘ but if that is not possible “to recall the former Qld Solicitor General and now High Court judge Pat Keane  who went to St Joseph’s Gregory Terrace.”

Pat Keane is best known for a remark made at the Gabba nets one day while facing up to a leftie and tearaway fast bowler. “Hey Ian, will you tell that fella on your team to give us a break … we wish to return home to our  wives and children.

Neither Anastasia nor Tony Abbott had anything to offer on the subject both claiming that the principle of ‘separation of powers‘ prevents political interference in the judiciary. However the Prime Minister did say that he would not recall George Pell from the Vatican, mumbling a quote from Jesus: “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

By the way, Frank Brennan and Tim Carmody both went to the same school in Brisbane: St Jospeh’s College, Nudgee. Terry O’Gorman went to the working class St James and former chief Justice of the High Court, Jed Brennan went to the toffy nosed school in Toowoomba, Downlands College, Prime Minister Tony Abbott went to St Ignatius College Riverview — all catholic boys schools.

Ian Curr

May 2015

RAC: World Refugee Day

Third planning meeting for World Refugee Day Rally, 2015

When & where:
6.30pm, Wednesday 27th May at 2nd floor, TLC Building, 16 Peel St, South Brisbane.

Getting there:
Parking on site. Close to Cultural Centre bus station, South Brisbane railway station, South Bank City Cat.

Meeting agenda:
As in previous years, the Refugee Action Collective wants the World Refugee Day rally to be NOT a RAC event, but rather a collaborative event planned jointly by many organisations and individuals representing a broad representation of refugee advocacy stake-holders.

So far we have had input from Amnesty International, The Greens and RAC, as well as some freelance refugee supporters. 11am, Saturday 20th June is the time and date of the rally, with King George Square as the preferred venue. (The time was changed from 1pm to 11am because of availability of the Square). The main theme of the rally is “Welcome refugees”, but further elaboration of the theme will be discussed at future meetings. We are still working on speakers and other aspects of the rally.

We ask all interested parties to consider joining in the planning of the year’s biggest and most important refugee rights protest. This would mean initially sending along a representative to the meeting to express your group’s view. Later we will be asking that you help to publicise the event and mobilise your own members, clients, contacts, etc.

Interested individuals are also most welcome to participate.

Further info:
Paul, 3392 3843, andrewpaulmac42@gmail.com.