RAC: World Refugee Day

Third planning meeting for World Refugee Day Rally, 2015

When & where:
6.30pm, Wednesday 27th May at 2nd floor, TLC Building, 16 Peel St, South Brisbane.

Getting there:
Parking on site. Close to Cultural Centre bus station, South Brisbane railway station, South Bank City Cat.

Meeting agenda:
As in previous years, the Refugee Action Collective wants the World Refugee Day rally to be NOT a RAC event, but rather a collaborative event planned jointly by many organisations and individuals representing a broad representation of refugee advocacy stake-holders.

So far we have had input from Amnesty International, The Greens and RAC, as well as some freelance refugee supporters. 11am, Saturday 20th June is the time and date of the rally, with King George Square as the preferred venue. (The time was changed from 1pm to 11am because of availability of the Square). The main theme of the rally is “Welcome refugees”, but further elaboration of the theme will be discussed at future meetings. We are still working on speakers and other aspects of the rally.

We ask all interested parties to consider joining in the planning of the year’s biggest and most important refugee rights protest. This would mean initially sending along a representative to the meeting to express your group’s view. Later we will be asking that you help to publicise the event and mobilise your own members, clients, contacts, etc.

Interested individuals are also most welcome to participate.

Further info:
Paul, 3392 3843, andrewpaulmac42@gmail.com.

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