Jagera hall ‘handover’

What the quest newspapers fail to report in this article was that the land that Jagera Community Arts Hall stands on was never ceded.

Ian Curr
Nov 2018

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Lease for Jagera Hall at Musgrave Park in South Brisbane signed over to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

THE management rights of Jagera Hall at Musgrave Park are now back in the hands of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities after a lease agreement was signed with Brisbane City Council.

Jagera Community Hall management committee co-chair Aunty Christine ­Barney said the agreement followed six months of negotiations with council.

“We wanted to start things happening with our people coming back into Jagera again because that sort of ­depleted. And because it’s a sacred, traditional place for us to meet and it’s right ­beside Musgrave Park, ­people love coming there,” Ms Barney said.

“This is a sacred place for us.”

Aboriginal elder Sam Watson said community members were in the final stage of agreements.

“Brisbane has the largest and most diverse indigenous community in Australia, yet we’re the only one that doesn’t have our own community or cultural centre,” he said.

“We look at Jagera as being the first step in ­establishing a credible arts precinct for our local community.”

Lifestyle chairwoman Cr Krista Adams said the initial lease was for one year, with the intention to issue a longer term lease later.

Leah Kidd, Quest Newspapers
February 18, 2016

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