Book Launch: ‘The Drownings Argument’

Avid Reader Bookshop , 193 Boundary St, West End, Brisbane
Date: Thursday, 21, May, 2015
Time: 6:00:pm – 8:00:pm

Labor for Refugees invites you to join their guest speakers discussing The Drownings’ Argument – Australia’s Inhumanity: Offshore Processing of Asylum Seekers.

Edited by Robin Rothfield, The Drownings’ Argument is a collection of essays outlining the human rights abuses of current ALP and Coalition policies on refugees arriving by boat in Australia.

Let’s be very clear about this: every death at sea is a tragedy. No-one wants to see refugees die in their attempt to escape persecution, but the often-recited concern about refugees drowning is just hypocritical propaganda. People like Abbott and Morrison express their concern about refugees who drown. They are not sincere, but it provides a vaguely respectable excuse for harsh policies. I will say this plainly: when Abbott and Morrison say they are worried about refugees drowning on their way to Australia, they are lying: they are deceiving the public. It opens the way to mistreat asylum seekers who have not drowned, and helps them pursue the darker purpose of keeping refugees out.  Julian Burnside, QC


 Murray Watt is a senior Associate and solicitor at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers whose pro bono work includes fighting for Baby Ferouz’s right to recognition as an Australian citizen. He has been selected as the lead Queensland senate candidate for Federal Parliament.

Pamela Curr is campaign director of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, who writes articles for the ABC Drum, the Sydney Morning Herald,and Crikey.

Tony Kevin is an emeritus fellow of ANU and former Australian ambassador to Poland and Cambodia who has written extensively on asylum seekers and their rescue at sea.

Misha Coleman is the executive officer of the inaugural Australian Churches Refugee Task Force (ACRT) who co-authored the ACRT response to government policy on asylum seeker issues with Brisbane’s Very Reverend Dr Peter Catt. Formerly CEO of Anglican Overseas Aid, she is now a councillor and Greens representative who has served on the Yarra City Council since 2012.

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Avid Reader Bookshop , 193 Boundary St, West End, Brisbane, Queensland 4101 (AU).

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