Brisbane remembers Al Nakba

Publisher’s Note: Readers may be interested in hearing about the annual Al Nakba rally and silent march held this friday (15 May 2015) in KGSq at

Individuals and groups are welcome to attend the commemoration of this catastrophe in Palestinian history, organised jointly by Justice for Palestine (Brisbane) and Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy.

Justice for Palestine (Brisbane) JFP has asked that organisations who wish to set up stalls at the rally show respect to the significance of the day for the many refugees who fled the occupation and have been denied the right of return. JFP request that groups refrain from erecting marquees.

After speeches and music, there will be a silent march of people holding the names of villages lost to Israeli theft and occupation.

Included here is an interview with Rosa from Justice for Palestine, the MC of the Al Nakba commemoration on Friday.

Could you please share with people you think may be interested as the struggle for Justice for Palestine and resistance to occupation of indigenous lands is important for refugees everywhere. Similar Al Nakba commemorations are held in other places in Australia and indeed worldwide.

Ian Curr, May 2015
al nakba rally poster.pdf

2 responses to “Brisbane remembers Al Nakba

  1. Justice for Palestine ...

    A reminder, Al Nakba vigil is on Friday 13th May, 2016 at King George Square 6.00pm


  2. From the river to the sea ...


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