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Are the Khmer Rouge and ISIS similar?

A number of lessons came out of the Vietnam War. I have been wondering about the similarity between Pol Pot’s Year Zero and ISIS for some time. The ABC news tells us that ISIS is now (7 April 2015) in control in the outer suburbs of Damascus, the oldest city in the middle east. After so much US-led bombing, it is little wonder that something pre-modern would emerge, something so brutal that the middle east (and therefore the world) is changed forever. Perhaps that is what was intended by the protagonists of the war against the Iraqi people in 2003? From the discussion below, from an unlikely source (a right-wing think tank), it seems that others have been making the same comparison. Plus I came across this apt quote from a book I am currently editing. Ian Curr April 2015.]

“Savagism had no rights; the world belonged to civilization, to Christianity if Christ were stronger than Mahomet, to whatever idea, principle, or power that could take it. In none of their pretended principles, in none of their codes of honor or ethics, was there any other ultimate appeal than brute force; their deity they made to fit the occasion, whatever that might be… The recognized theory of Christendom was that the earth belonged to the Lord who made it, and the children of the Lord were alone entitled to inherit it. The unconverted were the sons of Belial, the enemies of God, and as such should be exterminated … The first right, as they chose to call their claim, was that of discovery. To the finder belonged the spoils, but always in the name of God, the creator, the owner. God and Mahomet, or God and Christ, Mahomet or Christ, whichsoever was the stronger, in his name should the thievery be done.”

— Hubert Bancroft makes the realpolitik plain in History of Central America. Vol. I. 1501-1530. (San Francisco: A. L. Bancroft & co Mr. Any, publishers. 1882.) Continue reading

Kurilpa plan is dead

The Kurilpa plan is dead. The new Labor Planning Minister, Jackie Trad, has killed it.

But what should replace it?

Trad, the local member, had been very vocal in opposition to the plan in opposition. Under the plan, buildings like the Parmalat Milk Factory were to move out, to be replaced by very high rise – upwards of 30 stories. It is Brisbane’s last undeveloped waterfront, and regularly floods.

Now that Trad has sent the plan back to the drawing board, the city council must develop a new master plan for the region. Parmalat, and other local blue-collar legacy industries, have already begun planning to move out.

What will take their place?

To find out, 4ZZZ reporter Andrew Messenger spoke to Erin Evans from the West End Community Association.


They came, they swore, they reclaimed Australia

The nation is ours again people, after a small but determined group of Aussie Aussie Aussie’s drove extremism back into the sea. More or less. Chris Graham reports. They may have been small in number, but they were large of … Continue reading