Dreaming beyond – colours of redfern rally and march.

today i was contacted by redfern police that they had a problem with our s1, previously posted, setting out our intention to rally at the block then march to redfern park to inform the public of the relationship between deicorp and the ceo of the aboriginal housing company to forgo the building of low-cost accommodation at the block in favour of constructing a multi-story tower, similar to the two that deicorp constructed opposite redfern station, on the block. other constructions would also be done including a university student accommodation block and a new gym/fitness centre for tony mundine. >
> this is most definitely not what the block was initiated for but neither the baird government or oric, the aboriginal overseeing body, seem to be interested nor concerned as to what is going on with the many governance issues being perpetrated by the current ceo, mick mundine. redfern police have publicly stated that they do not want a ‘black enclave’ back on the block. mick mundine is actively supporting this end. so it seems is the baird government.
the first attachment merely notes the meeting whilst the next three attachments are the rough, but agreed to, points raised throughout the meeting. the person identified in the meeting document as lc is leroy cummins, an aboriginal man who is attending the block. he was kind enough to offer his services as a witness for me during the meeting.

it is more than evident that, again, redfern police are attempting to stop our involvement in rallying or marching to places where the public are present. for the tj hickey march they stopped us marching to the city, this time they wish to block our entry to redfern park which as we know is a public place. we are accused of ‘high-jacking’ the chamber of commerce event, to which deicorp is a principal sponsor, and also by our very presence in the park raising concerns of civil unrest from racist attacks from unknown persons who are flippantly described as “a cross-section of the community.”

a/s crisafulli has threatened for the matter to go to court to stop our entry to redfern park. just another heavy-handed attack from the ‘bullyman.’ we will resist their attacks upon our freedom to rally and march. in all our rallies and marches since 1997 this association has never been involved in violence or civil unrest, we have never been arrested nor any participant injured. this was reluctantly agreed to by a/s crisafulli when questioned in court during the police move to shut us down over the hickey march.

aborigines live in redfern/waterloo and we have every right to remain here. that right, however, must be jealously protected from those entities like deicorp, the chamber of commerce and others who dare to dream our suburb as being “no blacks in redfern!”

the block will, if they are allowed to get their corporate way, will be the first aboriginal community, remote or otherwise, to be shut-down in nsw and our land taken from us. in wa and sa the shut-down of the communities will be for the extractive industries, supported by warren mundine, noel pearson, marcia langton, and others, whilst for the block it will be for the benefit of deicorp, the corrupt ceo of the ahc and to the great satisfaction of the redfern police. none of the three mentioned have visited or sent messages of support to aunt jenny munro and the other grandmothers present. shame on them.

we strongly urge our people and supporters to join us on saturday, 21 march 2015 at the block at 11am and circa 12 noon to march off to redfern park where we will peacefully gather to publicly put our very strong belief that the ‘colours of redfern’ includes black! and ever it will be! >

ray jackson
indigenous social justice association

prix des droits de l’homme de la republique francaise 2013 > (french human rights medal 2013)

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we live and work on the stolen lands of the gadigal people
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