Low cost housing v. Mundine mansions

today the redfern aboriginal tent embassy (rate) moved from the mediation phase up to the next level of our protesting against the aboriginal housing company ceo, mick mundine, wanting to ignore the needs of the aboriginal community elders and aboriginal families. some of the aboriginal elders were the original tenants back in the 70’s and they are really looking forward to the second chance of returning to the original aims of the original block community.

aunt jenny munro relayed the content of the mediation meeting and the extremely insulting behaviour from those of the ahc representatives who answered every question put to them by repeating over and over again, “we want our land cleared so construction can begin.” or words to that effect.

concerns of the aboriginality of some of the ahc team were raised but merely brushed off as being of little consequence, as were other issues.

the bottom line is that those present at the embassy will be declared as trespassers and told to decamp from the rate or face the possibility of being arrested. from tuesday morning this process can be initiated by mick mundine calling the sheriff or the redfern police to have those present to be moved from the block. the timing of this event remains solely at the call of the ceo and can happen at any time from tuesday onwards.

those present today unanimously agreed that we all would remain true to our collective defence of the block and support aunt jenny and the grandmothers in their fight to have low-cost housing on the block and not to suffer the construction of the mundine mansions.

our collective voices are raised in the call to have you and many others join us at the block in full support of why we are continuing the struggle to save the block for aborigines and not the nouveau-rich. there is no support from the nsw government, the overseeing body, oric, nor the police in looking at the many governance problems arising from the 30+ years of the ceo, mick mundine. the government, the police and the ceo have all stated that they do not want a black enclave in redfern on the block.

this is communal aboriginal land and not that of the ceo, mick mundine.

the attachments are seeking endorsements to support our actions to save the block. endorse by all means but, please, join us on site for as long as you can be there. there is mentioned that what the ahc ceo and deicorp is doing is a mutated ‘pemulwuy project’ but this is not correct. their new plans for construction are very far from both the pp1 and pp2 concepts.

if we lose the block as a communal site then this will be the first shut-down of an aboriginal community in nsw similar to the community shut downs occurring in wa and sa.

come to the block to help us save it!


ray jackson
indigenous social justice association

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(french human rights medal 2013)

1303/200 pitt street, waterloo. 2017
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0450 651 063

we live and work on the stolen lands of the gadigal people

The groups that already have endorsed thus far are:
The Greens
Teachers Federation NSW
Fire Brigade Employees Union
Nurses Federation NSW
NSW Midwives Association
Mudgin-Gal Aboriginal Corporation Women’s Centre
Socialist Alliance
Indigenous Social Justice Association
RATE letter of endorsement.docx

RATE letter of endorsement.pdf

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