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Pimento Report: Syriza

Pls note the intro is a song by Victor Jara “El Pimiento” (note spelling and translation below) which goes:

El pimiento

En el centro de la pampa
vive un pimiento.
Sol y viento pa’ su vida,
sol y viento.

Coronado por la piedra
vive el pimiento.
Luna y viento lo vigilan,
luna y viento.

Cuando sus ramas florecen
es un incendio:
tanto rojo que derrama,
rojo entero.
Rojo entero.

Nadie lo ve trabajar
debajo’el suelo
cuando busca noche y día
su alimento.

Pimiento rojo del norte,
siento el canto de tus ramas
en el desierto.

Debes seguir floreciendo
como un incendio
porque el norte es todo tuyo,
todo entero.
Todo entero.


In the middle of the pampa
live a damn.
Sun and wind pa ‘life,
sun and wind.

Crowned by stone
live pepper.
Moon and wind the watch,
moon and wind.

When its branches bloom
is a fire,
both red spilled,
whole red.
Whole red.

Nobody sees it work
debajo’el floor
when searching night and day
their food.

Red pepper north,
feel the song of your branches
in the desert.

You must continue to flourish
as fire
because the north is all yours,
Full everything.
Everything whole.

Victor Jara was a Chilean folk singer and teacher. He was a national figure, tortured and machine gunned to death by the military under General Augusto Pinochet at the age of 40 within days of the coup d’etat September 11th, 1973 at the Estadio Chile (since renamed the Estadio Victor Jara). He was part of the Nueva Canción musical movement, and frequently sang about “common” folk – that is, the majority of the country that was not part of the small, elite ruling class of families.