Abbott’s Failing Search For Scapegoats

[Publisher's Note: Fair enough, but why the focus on Tannous Abbout, a man in his final days as Australian Prime Minister?] From New Matilda: And then, there's the question of Muslims. I have argued previously that the Abbott government had decided the best way to sell its war on Iraq was "through innuendo, fear, and … Continue reading Abbott’s Failing Search For Scapegoats

Activists cc all their emails to ‘Curious George’ Brandis

A savvy media campaign from Beyond Green? The Australian taxpayer kindly bought attorney-general George Brandis a copy of the Samuel Beckett play Waiting for Godot for the bookshelf of his Canberra office. So why email Curious George who may be gone by the end of the week along with Australia’s first Prime Minister of Arab descent, Tannous Abbout? Who will Beyond Green focus on next? Mark the Narc Dreyfuss or Bad Mal Turnbullshit?