Israel’s Crimes

Subject: Israel’s Crimes
To: letters

Dear Sir,The Israeli Human Rights Group B’Tselem’s Black Flag report claims there was a deliberate policy of attacking civilian targets in the 2014 Gaza offensive formulated at the highest levels of the Israeli military and government (“Black Flag of Illegality” over 2014 Gaza Strip offensive, February 29).

This claim and others of IDF brutality are supported by the testimonies of Israeli military veterans in Breaking the Silence. For example, a Givati Brigade staff sergeant reports deliberate knee-capping by snipers even of children in Gaza:

” …. when such a bullet hits the (sic) some guy’s knee, and it was done to children as well, this person is left without a knee. I mean, with all the rehabilitation he’s going to get, and the medical know-how of the Gaza hospital I’m not sure is very impressive. Even if we take him to Hadassa Ein Kerem, this person will never again walk properly, he’ll never emerge a whole person out of this, and that is an understatement” (

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