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Genocidal20: Stop Stolen Generations


G20 Peoples Convergence Film Night

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BrisCAN-G20 Statement of Unity – BrisCAN-G20 is network of groups and individuals concerned about the ongoing ecological destruction and social and economic and disparities perpetuated by G20 and the systems it represents. We live and take action on Aboriginal land … Continue reading

#Genocidal20: Opening Ceremony

Everybody Gets Icecream at the People’s Summit

So what exactly is the G20 and what are we to make of all the hype? This session will look at the history of the G20, and this year’s agenda, the G20’s role in world politics, and its relationship to the global crisis of capitalism. At a local level, we’ll look at the repressive laws that are instrumental in facilitating the meeting and the media-generated hype that legitimises and enables these laws. What does the G20 mean for our lives and our futures? How can we better understand it in order to change our world?

Women in Labour: A Global Perspective | 2:00 – 3:15 pm
It is the labour of the world’s workers that keeps capitalism ticking over, and the average worker is a woman. How does the exploitation of workers fit together with that of gender and what are the (often hidden) forms of labour that keep capitalist machinery going? (Spoiler: it’s not just paid work but also the caring and reproductive labour that often takes place outside the wage.) Most importantly, how do workers’ rebellions intersect with feminist struggles to create possibilities for a different kind world, one in which we can live with justice and dignity?

‘After the G20’ & getting to ‘After Capitalism’ | 3:45 – 5 pm
So what do we want to get out of our protests against the G20? What’s the connection of anti-summit protests like this to the abolition of capitalism and transformation of society on a broader scale? What sorts of strategies are open to us? Which are effective? In this open forum we will be introducing the ‘Everybody Gets Ice cream’ Bloc for the G20 Rally and create space for a discussion about how all our efforts can better fit with our attempts to emancipate ourselves and others around the world.

Keep the fire burning – Jagera Arts Hall returned to Aboriginal people!

jager arts hall

Raymond Walker leads the welcome song and dance on Invasion Day 2007

After premature action by Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor, councillor Quirk, to close Jagera Arts Hall in Musgrave Park on 4 Nov 2014, Brisbane City Council passed a resolution that Jagera Arts Hall be leased to Musgrave Park Cultural Centre Inc (MPCCI).!

There is a new board of the MPCCI and over 80 new members who decided to rectify the failure of the QLD State government to build a Aboriginal Cultural Centre. The Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy intervened in March 2012 and demanded that Aboriginal Cultural practice take place as it always has done in this special meeting place.

Keep the fire burning … celebrate this victory around the sacred fire!

Join Musgrave Park Cultural Centre now … aims and application forms are below. Please fill out the form and return it to Jagera Arts Hall, 121 Cordelia Street South Brisbane.


Invasion Day 2007 at Jagera Hall

Ian Curr
4 Nov 2014

Jagera wasn’t the BCC’s Hall to lease to aboriginal people in the first place!

Always was, always will be aboriginal land!