BrisCan: Safety, Rights & Medic training & call out for support

Brisbane: Keeping Safe, Knowing your rights & Community first aid

Street Medic Training
Saturday October 18
Time: 10am-5pm
Participants: This training is designed for people who have some first aid skills/awareness and ideally interested in being part of a first aid team. Contact BSMC for more info!
Location: Justice Place
5 Abingdon Street Woolloongabba
Food: Everyone coming please bring something to share
For more information, please email bsmc

People’s Summit Venues

Know Your Rights and Keeping It Safe

Sunday October 19
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Location: Justice Place
5 Abingdon Street Woolloongabba
Participants: Open to the public
For more information, please email bsmc

Community First Aid – needs your support

The Brisbane Street Medic Collective will operate a first aid station during G20, where we hope to provide assistance to the Brisbane community. We aim to help community members address common challenges such as sunburn, dehydration, cuts and bruises. Please note: all unused supplies will be kept and used to stock our kits for future actions. We greatly appreciate any donations. Thank you for considering. For more information, please email bsmc

50 x 7.5 cm bandages
50 x 10 cm bandages

500 bottles of water

5 L sunscreen

100 rehydration tablets

20 bottles of Mylanta: no peppermint flavour please

Hot/cold gel packs

30 spray bottles

100 luggage cards

200 Rubber bands

100 Snacks/muesli bars: nut free please

10 Torches and batteries

50 rolls toilet paper

Paper towel: non patterned, non- perfumed

10 packets sanitary napkins

10 boxes tampons

50 disposable nappies

Ordinary citizens organising for social justice in response to the G20. Brisbane, Australia.

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