Politics of fear

Don’t blow out the lantern
Or the snow will collapse in the center of your pain.
                    - Candile de Nieve by Raul Torres

see evilFollowing on the Prime Minister’s announcement last night (18 Sept 2014) that people are going around thinking of cutting other people’s heads off, the Australian government is sending eight (8) Hornet jets to bomb Iraq to help people feel safe.

Which is more brutal, to be killed by the knife or by precision bombing of your home?

Retiring ASIO chief Irving has accordingly issued this poster to Government Printers for immediate publication.

With mad announcements of yet another war in the middle east  and at a time when there is a sense of isolation for progressive ideas and organisation, some solace can be found in the way Cuba struggled to overcome the US embargo in the 1990s.

This song reflects those feelings and that struggle.

Ian Curr
September 2014

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