What Mainstream Media won’t tell you about the conflict in Iraq

The loss of an enormous swathe of Iraqi territory by Iraqi forces of the US occupation government is astounding everyone! But can anyone believe that a few thousand ISIS/ISIL jihadis could conquer and hold onto whole provinces that the mighty US military couldn’t?

Al-Rafidain TV [http://tv-online.in/al-rafidain-live] reports that the ongoing uprising against the Al-Maliki government is a struggle to liberate the country and features interviews with, and reports from, the General Military Council of the Revolutionaries of Iraq.

This uprising erupted after two years of peaceful demonstrations in Anbar, Ninevah, Salah-al-Din and Diyala provinces, where the people were demanding the Al-Maliki government grant basic rights and the release of prisoners. They also demanded economic and political rights for their women, Al Maliki responded by letting loose the massive military power of Iran-trained Shiite militias of Al-Sistani and Al-Sadr, alongside US-controlled SWAT death squads and Iran-controlled Asaib Ahl al-Haq (League of the Righteous) militias. They shot demonstrators, killing some and taking more prisoners. Directing these terrorists from different Iraqi airports are both US marines and Iranian Revolutionary Guards supporting Al-Maliki’s hated government.

Anti-Maliki-government tribal sheikhs forged an alliance with Iraqi resistance organisations that are led by Iraqi generals from the pre-invasion Iraqi Military. With them are a small remnant of the Ba’ath Party, according to the announcments of the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolution. See http://warincontext.org/2014/06/15/general-military-council-of-the-iraqi-revolutionaries-we-are-stronger-than-isis/

Iraqi Shiite resistance against the occupation government is organised by the followers of Grand Cleric Al-Sarkhi Al-Hassani. The wider resistance consists of Shiite, Sunni, Kurdish and Turkmen Iraqis fighting side by side to reclaim the unity of Iraq and to free Iraq from the Iraqi government appointed by the US and Iran. Iraqi Shia leader Ayatollah Mahmoud Al-Hassani Al-Sarkhi ‘s call for his followers to resist the puppet government of both America and Iran, to support the revolution, and to reject the Iranian-supported militias of both Al-Sistani and Al-Sadr, is featured from about one quarter of the way through the video posted at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-FKm54M630&list=UU5gMDqevRU8JrEUpT0H7Atg#t=81

Al-Sarkhi Al-Hassani speaks of the barbaric nature of Daash/ISIS/ISIL and other foreign terrorists introduced by both America and Iran.

The clerics supporting Iran, Al-Sistani and Al-Sadr, have lost substantial following in Iraq after many shameful positions that they took for the benefit of the occupation and its puppet government were exposed. Ex-Secretary of US Defence Donald Rumsfeld wrote in ‘Known and Unknown – A Memoir’ that “the US government paid Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani a $200 million bribe to to issue fatwas in support of the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003”. According to Rumsfeld, “the religious fatwas helped the fall of Iraq and solidified the occupation of Iraq by allied forces”. Rumsfeld wrote that he established a personal relationship with the Ayatollah Sistani in 1987, before the Gulf War invasion through Jawad al-Mahri, Sistani’s secretary in Kuwait. Rumsfeld and President Bush were aware of the strong relationship between those who took the money and Iran. When the gift was acknowledged by Sistani, President Bush established a new desk at the CIA, which was refered to as the “Link to Sistani”, headed by retired admiral Symon Polandi. The emphasis of such a relationship was to encourage Sistani to inform his Shiaa followers not to target American soldiers”. [http://mid-east-today.blogspot.com.au/2011/08/us-government-bribe-to-ayatollah.html]

Foreign supported Jihadists under the banner of ISIS/ISIL have now declared that there is no more Iraq and Syria but an Islamic State and Caliphate. But at the same time there are substantial victories achieved daily by the Iraqi revolution to preserve Iraqi unity, and developments within the Shiite community to support the rebels, so that people in both the middle and south of Iraq will uprise against the foreign occupation.

The reason behind that announcement by the so-called Islamic State is promote the misunderstanding that this is not a revolution by Iraqi people but supposedly a terrorists’attack on a supposed legitimate regime. US and Iran both have their hands in ISIS. Iran is already involved in fierce battles in Iraq, while US’s planes are patrolling over the provinces held by the rebels. The aim from America’s side is to kill people on all sides to ensure a break-up of Iraq. The aim from Iran’s side is to keep Iraq as a vassal of Iran.

How can the confusing media reports be explained?

Firstly, why did so many conscripts leave heavy military equipment and uniforms of the occupation army when they were confronted with the rebels at the initial uprising, and why did their generals issue orders for them to do so? Maliki had sent them to fight “Jihadists” but instead they found revolutionaries leading Iraqi tribal warriors and Naqshbandi Sufis fighting to free their country from foreign occupation. They realized that if they were to fight for Maliki, and for America and Iran who sustain Maliki’s government, they would be criminals and traitors to their country! Maliki called them “cowards” but they were heroes who would not betray their homeland. According to Ziad Fadel’s article “THE INNER CORE OF ISIS – THE INVASIVE SPECIES” published at his Syrian Perspective blog on 14 June 2014 the taking of Mosul was accomplished by former Iraqi Ba’athist officers, who infiltrated the Iraqi army years back, raised in the ranks quickly due to their professionalism, suddenly and in coordination abandoning their posts and leaving a 52,000 man military force without any leadership thereby forcing a complete collapse of the city’s defences. [http://www.syrianperspective.com/2014/06/the-inner-core-of-isis-the-invasive-species.html#HyP9LsIS8WQpA3FV.99].

We speak of “Al-Maliki’s government” but in fact he has no power. Iraq is presently in the hands of America and Iran. The US and Iran direct the battles and run all departments of government. Iraqis have no control of government agencies!

The Washington Post reports on 5 July:

“TEHRAN — State media reported Saturday that an Iranian military pilot was killed in Iraq, the first confirmation that Iranian forces are involved in the Iraqi government’s battle to repel an offensive by al-Qaeda-inspired extremists. IRNA, Iran’s official news agency, did not provide details of how or when the pilot was killed but said he died defending holy places in the Iraqi city of Samarra, which is home to an important Shiite pilgrimage site.”

Finally an admission! Iran said it would not send military forces into its embattled neighbor’s territory unless asked to do so. So it is not only Iranian Revolutionary Guards and US marines directing the battles from the airports but they are flying the bombers we were told the Iraqis were piloting!

So who governs the cities in government controlled areas? Not Iraqis but Iranians! And who governs the cities in rebel controlled areas? Not Jihadists but Iraqis!

According to the nurses who had been trapped in rebel-controlled Tikrit: “They told us that you are all our our sisters. You would not be harmed. But we did not believe them”, Sandra said, adding, some armed doctors also travelled with them during the seven hours journey from from Tikrit to Mosul. They left the hospital at 12 pm in four buses and reached Mosul by 7 pm. “They were given food and bed to sleep on,” Neenu said. Suni Mol Chacko from Kannur said “they cannot be called terrorists. They are part of the local government”.http://www.firstpost.com/india/iraq-militants-treated-us-well-say-rescued-indian-nurses-kerala-1604593.html

The next conundrum to explain is: What terrorist group, controlling between 3,000 and 20,000 Jihadists according to various mainstream media, could control an area from the two rivers to beyond the Syrian border? From Anbar and Ninevah across to Diyala and down as far as Hillah in Southern Iraq the Iraqi people are taking control from the occupation armies and are knocking on Baghdad’s door. For the first time since the 2003 invasion the revolutionary forces established security in areas they have secured. For the first time the population in these areas saw checkpoints taken down and the explosions and killings by “SWAT” teams stopped after these death squads fled, while in Baghdad the killers are still busy setting explosives to terrify the population. This is the dirty game played by the imperialists.

In the article entitled, “Al Qaeda and the War on Terrorism” from Professor Michel Chossudovsky, the Western intelligence infrastructure is fully exposed and in particular the role of the US:

“The US intelligence apparatus has created its own terrorist organizations. And at the same time, it creates its own terrorist warnings concerning the terrorist organizations which it has itself created. Meanwhile, a cohesive multibillion dollar counterterrorism program “to go after” these terrorist organizations has been put in place.” [http://www.globalresearch.ca/al-qaeda-and-the-war-on-terrorism/7718]

Shamus Cooke wrote in “Who Will Save Iraq?” [http://workerscompass.org/who-will-save-iraq/, 25 June 2014].

“The broader Sunni-led opposition desperately needs a progressive vision for the country. Simply being anti-government is a shallow goal if the outcome is ISIS coming to power. The other main force in Sunni-dominated politics are former Baathists, who simply want a return to an Iraq where they received special perks as they dominated the Shia population. Between the Baathists and ISIS the legitimate grievances of the broader Iraqi Sunni population have no representation in this fight.”

This is not true! The broader opposition includes the secular opposition (which is the majority and is led by secularists and Generals who had no choice under Saddam Hussein but to follow the Baathist government dictates), the “broader Sunni-led opposition” (that is, the Sunni tribal chiefs and their followers), the followers of Shia leader Ayatollah Mahmoud Al-Hassani Al-Sarkhi, the Naqshbandi Sufis led by former Baathist General Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, in that order. The Daash/ISIS/ISIL related US-intelligence-directed and Iran-intelligence-directed jihadis kill both opposition and government soldiers whenever they have an opportunity.

Besides being an ostensible opposition to the government they are also an opposition to the opposition as per Revolutionary Methods for Political Control (RMPC), see http://www.newworldwar.org/revolution.htm:

“Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) or Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW) … will result in the abolishment of the nation-state (and control by global power). Nonlethal weapons, including directed-energy weapons and psychological operations, are said to be at the center of this revolution.”

The Council of Political Revolutionaries of Iraq and other revolutionary groups allied with them intend to provide this progressive vision of an independent truly-democratic Iraq that will provide justice and a secure non-sectarian future for all Iraqis.

The Council of Political Revolutionaries of Iraq and other revolutionary groups allied with them intend to provide this progressive vision of an independent truly-democratic Iraq that will provide justice and a secure non-sectarian future for all Iraqis.

Jane Arraf on 12 March 2014 wrote in an article entitled “Iraq’s Sunni tribal leaders say fight for Fallujah is part of a revolution” that was published in the Washington Post:

“In recent months, the influential Association of Muslim Scholars of Iraq, led by a group of Sunni clerics, has forged close links to a military command that emerged after Iraqi security forces moved in January to try to reclaim the western city of Fallujah from Islamist fighters, who had captured it in December.”

“The new command, the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries, emerged as a unified leadership of what it calls regional military councils coordinating attacks against Iraqi security forces and officials. The councils include tribal leaders and former insurgent leaders but are headed by former senior army officers — among the thousands of Sunni generals cast aside when the United States disbanded the Iraqi army after the toppling of Saddam Husseinin 2003.”

“The Muslim scholars association said it is not a wing of the military council. But it says it coordinates closely with the council, and some of its officials acknowledge that they are in a temporary alliance with al-Qaeda, which disowned ISIS in February.”http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/iraqs-sunni-tribal-leaders-say-fight-for-fallujah-is-part-of-a-revolution/2014/03/12/cac86d7a-9f19-11e3-b8d8-94577ff66b28_story.html

While it is highly doubtful that officials of the highly regarded Muslim scholars association would have acknowledged “that they are in a temporary alliance with al-Qaeda, which disowned ISIS in February” it’s just the small lie in a generally truthful article. This is the method of successful propaganda, to plant a lie amidst many genuine disclosures that somehow supports the official argument in the minds of the Washington Post readers.The General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries and the Revolutionary Command Council of Iraq and other rebel groups aligned with them have stated in their videos that ISIS are barbarians raised and paid by the Gulf state monarchies, and aided and abetted by the Obama administration. [https://www.facebook.com/iraqispringmc]

Indeed this is so but Iran also has let free terrorist proteges to ensure their interest in keeping Iraq under occupation. Iranian and American intelligence services have a convergence of interests in Iraq, but at the same time they are at war with each other, so both are conspiring to arm teams of terrorist organisations that fight not only the Iraqi people but also fight against each other as they do in Syria too. This battle is crucial for every side. The outcome will determine the future of Iraq, and of the world.

By Ray Bergmann and Louay Al-Zaher, 8 July 2014.

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4 thoughts on “What Mainstream Media won’t tell you about the conflict in Iraq

  1. Ray Bergmann says:

    Sheikh Nabeel Naim, mujahadeen fighter against the Soviets in Afghanistan; intimate associate of Osama Bin Laden, broke with jihadis. “Bernard Lewis founder of Fourth-Generation Warfare said so, he said: we do not need trans-continent armies that would awake nationalism and they return to us as bodies like what happened in Afghanistan & Vietnam, but we should find agents inside the (targeted) country who will carry out the task of the soldiers, and we need a media tool to falsify truths for the people, and money to spend on them.. This is the Fourth-Generation Warfare, agents instead of soldiers..
    Q: This is an alternative army, a war by proxy?
    Nabeel Naiem: Yes of course.
    Q: Between who (this war)? We are talking about armies on the ground, Al Qaeda and all what branches out of it, these armies work for the account of which battle and between who?
    Nabeel Naiem: It works for the US Intelligence (CIA).

    Take note of the plans against Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries! The plan is to turn against the Saudi who they see as infidels with the support of the West behind them. He re-affirms that all this mayhem and blood is about securing Israel’s security and he also makes clear, when telling of he and his colleagues role way back in time in Afghanistan, that, after they got used by the plotters in London and the USA, they were pursued and persecuted.
    Absolutely riveting to watch. I recommend you take the time for this.

  2. Ray Bergmann says:

    Haifa Zangana labels the arming of the current Iraqi regime by the US, Russia and Iran as “a crime against Iraqi people” and urges the US and international community to listen to The General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries (GMCIR) ,  the Iraqi National army, the council of tribal rebels in Al-Anbar Province, and the influential Association of Muslim Scholars if they are genuinely interested in the stability of the region and the world. Read the article “Another Liberation of Iraq! (Who are the Real Barbarians?)” by Haifa Zangana in Counterpunch, WEEKEND EDITION JULY 4-6, 2014 at http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/07/04/another-liberation-of-iraq/.

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