Visioning another world Brisbane G20 Peoples Convergence

Brisbane Community Action Network (BrisCAN) – G20

Visioning another world
Brisbane G20 Peoples Convergence
Nov 8-16, 2014

Global Call to action

Dear Friends,

The G20 Leaders Summit will bring the leaders of the worlds’ 20 largest economies to Brisbane in November this year. The “austerity” budget that has just been delivered to Australians is a small taste of what people around the world have been experiencing under G20 driven economic systems — systems which prioritise profit over community welfare and the environment.… Go to Article

Enough is Enough Isreal

This is a powerful account by South Australian ABC reporter Peter Goer who has just returned from a trip to occupied Palestine.

JESUS wept. In Palestine, Jesus wept and so did I. I weep for the Palestinians living under the Israeli apartheid.

Last week on a visit with the Australian Friends of Palestine and Senator Nick Xenophon I wept for little children in Hebron unable to cross a deserted road to go to school.… Go to Article