March in May against Hockey’s Budget

The 2014 Federal budget will be significant for its brutality. As Australia’s first austerity budget, the grounds for the budget are political rather than economic. Nobody believes that voters will thank the LNP “for doing what is absolutely necessary” as claimed by Abbott.

A rally has been planned in response. It will be at 1pm Sunday 18th May, Queens Park Brisbane. The theme will be “Welfare not Warplanes”.

The speakers’ list is impressive, and includes:

  • Robin Taubenfeld, Friends of the Earth, as chair;
  • Indigenous representative, tbc
  • Professor John Quiggin
  • Ricky Lee and Laura Howden, UQU
  • Adrian Skerritt, Cloudland Collective
  • Ray Ferguson, Australian Pensioners’ and Superannuants’ League
  • Ros McLennan, Dep President, Queensland Council of Unions
  • Andrew Bartlett, Greens
  • Claire Moore, ALP
  • Ewan Saunders, Socialist Alliance

The Cloudland Collective will be distributing leaflets promoting the rally at Davies Park markets, West End, this Saturday morning between 9:30 – 11:30am.

Can you help out for some of this time? All assistance will be appreciated and will help get the word out.

If you can help hand out leaflets for the rally, phone 0409 877 528 or email cloudland_collective.

The leaflet will be distributed on this elist in the next few days.

Kind regards
for the Cloudland Collective

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