Photos from Foco Nuevo tribute to Pete Seeger

combined unions choir
Sue & Lach play at May Day Concert 2014
Sue & Lach from Jumping Fences
pete seeger comemoration at may day concert 2014
Marina Thacker and Patricia Hovey were singing Guantanamera with Jumping Fences at pete seeger comemoration
ian dearden at may day concert 2014
the singing judge, ian dearden: ‘where have all the flowers gone?’
I f I had a hammer at may day concert 2014
If I had a hammer
jumping fences at may day concert 2014
jumping fences
grand finale at may day concert 2014
grand finale


FOCO NUEVO: May Day Special Tribute to Pete Seeger

We celebrate this May Day with a tribute to Pete Seeger, who sadly passed away earlier this year. His music inspired working people for most of his 94 years. Joining us in this special concert will be The Combined Unions Choir, Ian Dearden, Fox Hat, and Mark Dalton. We hope you can make it!


In the 1930s Pete Seeger began learning the five string-banjo, researching American folk song at the Library of Congress, and giving radio performances. In 1941 he went on to join the Almanac Singers, a highly popular and influential group, promoting unionism and other progressive causes.

In the 1950s Pete co-founded The Weavers which had a string of hits until the group was blacklisted during the McCarthy period. Pete refused to answer questions at the House Un-American Activities Committee and was charged and convicted of contempt of Congress ((which carried a year’s jail). Eventually Pete successfully appealed against these charges and was able to play a central to the folk revival of the 1960s. During this period his songs included “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?”, “Little Boxes”, “Turn, Turn, Turn”, “If I Had a Hammer” and he popularised the Civil Rights anthem, “We Shall Overcome”.

Pete Seeger continued his musical activism throughout the rest of his life, singing for environmental issues, Occupy Wall Street, for the peace movement and many other causes. This Foco Nuevo we pay tribute to Pete Seeger, and remember his tremendous musical heritage.

Hope to see you next Friday,

Lachlan and Sue


Combined Unions ChoirIan Dearden

Fox Hat

Mark Dalton

Jumping Fences

Friday 2 May
8.00 p.m.

Kurilpa Hall
174 Boundary Street
West End

(Next to the West End Library. Click

for a map)

$10 / $7 concession

Maggie’s delicious cakes and tea and coffee on sale.






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