Prime Minister held captive: the Zionist Lobby under fire in Oz

Now after the Labor Government’s defeat, Carr is once again in retirement,
and his published diary tells the whole story re UNESCO, and the power of
the Zionists over Gillard, albeit she was their willing ally.

Not surprisingly he has infuriated the Jewish Lobby and Carr has been
denounced in the harshest terms by the very Zionists who run the Lobby, who
have described him as “Gillard’s worst appointment” and as “Australia’s
worst Foreign Minister.” Carr is known as a tolerant and outgoing man, but
none-the-less a Lobby critic has described him as a “bigot”, all in line
with the usual Zionist tactics in such cases.

He has replied in kind, saying the Lobby was virtually contracted by Gillard
to run Australia’s Middle East policies.

Carr a robust politician has fired back with a furious blast to the Lobby
and said it very right-wing and intrusive and the battle rages now in the
media. The Lobby must regret all this as for the first time a senior Labor
politician has let the cat out of the bag, re the Lobby.

It will be difficult to get it in that bag again.

There is no word on all this from ex-PM Gillard. She, at the moment, is in

Brian McKinlay

Brian McKinlay is an Australian Labor Historian who lives in Melbourne and
has written widely on Australian history, notably of the Labor Movement,
being the author of a 3- volume documentary history of Australian Labor and
trade union and radical groups … CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names @

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