Public Trustee Resigns

        It is not enough that some succeed, 
        others must fail
                           — Gore Vidal

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Mr Ian Berry MP, Chair of the Parliamentary Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee and Member for Ipswich let it be known this week that Peter Carne, the Qld Public Trustee, had resigned. No reasons have been given. At the last election it was public knowledge that Mr Carne was on the top of the LNP’s hit list of senior Labor bureaucrats to go.

So Peter Carne can be added to the list of resignations by Labor Government appointees. Peter Carne as Public Trustee is noted for the actions that he has taken against high profile National Party figures like former Logan Councillor Hainal Ban and Mayor John Brent for corrupt dealings with people under a legal incapacity. Meanwhile Carne has been reluctant to look after the interests of ordinary clients [see the story and video below]. It is expected that deputy public trustee, Mark Crofton, will fill the role.

Stop Press +++ Stop Press +++ Stop Press +++ Stop Press

Bank Shark sells Community Centre in West End

AHIMSA (Peace) House in West End Brisbane was sold by NAB subsidiary, Challenger Managed Investments.

The community centre was the dream of Ellen and Ross Taylor who put their life savings into the project. The project development was mismanaged by financial advisers. These experts ripped off over $500,000 in cash cheques over a period of six months from loan monies provided by Challenger at Ross Taylor’s risk.

The Failure of the Public Trustee
From 2009, Ross Taylor’s business affairs have been under the control of the public trustee, Peter Carne. The public trustee has failed

  1. to trace where the stolen monies have gone,
  2. has not acted to prevent unconscionable behaviour by the bank, and
  3. has allowed the receiver to sell the property without allowing all interested parties to bid.
  4. has not performed a forensic audit of the financial affairs of AHIMSA house in the past two and a half years.

The public trustee charges exorbitant fees for doing nothing; and, to this end, has handed over Ross Taylor’s family home to a former accountant, Sabdia.

Peter Carne was a partner in the firm of solicitors Goss, Downey and Carne. Goss led the ALP back from the wilderness after over 40 years of National Party* rule in Queensland. The office of Public Trustee often does not even reply to correspondence, having failed to reply to emails in 2011 and having taken over 8 months to reply to earlier correspondence. Reply to letters is a most basic function of the public service yet the Public Trustee refuses to perfom even that humble duty of office. There was no choice, Carne had to resign.

On Thursday 8 December at 11 am, Ross Taylor (aged 78) is accompanied by his friend Bernie Neville (aged 70) confronted the Public Trustee with his responsibility to protect his client’s interests. The public trustee’s office is at 444 Queen Street Brisbane, opposite Customs House.

Here is the video of that confrontation.

This is a sorry tale of human greed that fair minded people should reject.

Contact Ian Curr 0407 687 016 Bernie Neville 0437 439 754

*formerly the Country party

2 responses to “Public Trustee Resigns

  1. So why is Peter Carne again the public trustee…..2016. why was Mark Crofton only ever Acting Public trustee?


  2. Erratum - contract expires

    It turns out that Jarrod Bleijie lied when he said he could not sack the public trustee because it would take millions to pay out his contact. Carne did not resign as indicated in the article above. The pubic trustee’s contract simply expired and it was not renewed. His deputy, mark crofton, has taken up the role in his stead on a temporary basis until the position is filled.

    Ian Curr
    June 2014


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