“Grevious bodily harm” – criminal law 101 for lazy cops

A cop tasered Sheila Oakley in the eye at her home on Jacaranda Avenue at Woodridge, south of Brisbane, around 1:00pm (AEST) on 6 Feb 2014. It is now 18 days later. The police man has not been named, suspended or charged. Police have said nothing about the internal investigation. The Minister has not given any details or indications of the independence of the investigation.


The offence

"grevious" = (of something bad) very severe or serious;
"the taser barb was a grievous blow;"
"bodily" = harm to the skin, flesh and bones of the victim 
 e.g. the eye;
"harm' = pain, death, disability, loss of ability or freedom,
 loss of pleasure;
"grevious bodily harm"= malicious wounding, unlawful wounding, 
 wounding with intent.

The allegation

sheila’s interview by david liddle nitv

The injustice

nitv coverage of rally 15 feb 2014

The Community

bushtelegraph vid of 22 feb 2014

bushtelegrah vid of POLICE wearing tasers 15 feb 2014

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