More jobs gone at Telstra plus … at QANTAS

Telecom / Telstra
First they corporatised it — 1982 (Fraser)
then they did a partial sale — 1993-96  (Keating)
then they privatised it — 1996 (Howard)
then they sacked the workers — 2014 (Abbott)

… and the Labor Party-in-government sold QANTAS which is going to sack …. workers in maintenance, in call-centres, in baggage handling.

Every privatisation has resulted in loss of jobs — yet Labor said the job losses and privatisations were necessary.

The Button Car plan of subsidy for car manufacture in Australia is in ruin.
Holden, Ford, Mitsubishi and Toyota have all moved offshore.

Queensland Rail privatised by Labor in 2011 … many jobs lost

40,000 Queensland public servants made redundant by LNP government.

And the response from the Harvard School of Economics is:

 More staff sacked as Sensis sends 800 jobs to the Philippines
Stephen Drill        Herald Sun       February 19, 2014 12:44PM

TELSTRA has confirmed it will sack 800 staff from its Sensis business today, with the jobs to be sent to the Philippines.

Sensis staff were in meetings this morning and were expected to hear that their jobs will be sent offshore.

Community and Public Sector Union organiser Teresa Davison said Sensis, which is owned by Telstra, has had long held plans for job cuts.

“We know that Sensis has been planning this for months,” she said.

“We took them to Fair Work on Monday to try get them to tell us. Now it will be two weeks to consult and you’re out the door.”

“Outsourcing will deliver better service”: Telstra
by Peter Cai, Glenda Kwek
publish in SMH Feb 22, 2013

Job cuts ... Sensis runs the Yellow Pages.
Job cuts … Sensis runs the Yellow Pages. 

Telstra says its customers will get better service from Filipino or Indian call centre workers who will take over from many of the 648 staff the telco axed on Thursday.

The managing director of Telstra’s Sensis directories business, John Allan, told Business Day ”the vendors that we are considering provide services for customers that go beyond our service today, such as 24/7 operations and unique technologies that assist in processing efficiencies, which they do for many directory businesses around the world”.

Earlier on Thursday, Mr Allan reportedly told union officials that ”Australians will get better customer services from Manila or India. They have better technology and innovation.”

The (Labor Party affiliated) Community and Public Sector Union spokesman Julian Lee said the comments were made during a meeting with union officials after Telstra announced the job cuts at the ailing Sensis unit.

The cuts, which include moving 391 customer service positions to the Philippines or India, come just two weeks after the telco booked a record half-year profit of $1.6 billion.

Telstra is slashing costs to arrest falling revenues at Sensis, which was once a cash cow for the company.

It hopes to turn the struggling print-based media business, which produces the Yellow Pages and White Pages directories, into one that is better suited for the digital market.

”Until now we have been operating with an outdated print-based model – this is no longer sustainable for us,” Mr Allan said. ”Our future is online and mobile where the vast majority of search and directory business takes place.”

The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, described Telstra’s decision as ”really dreadful news particularly for the staff members”.

”It’s always incredibly tough when someone loses a job,” Ms Gillard told the Adelaide radio station 5AA.

The union condemned the company’s actions. ”Telstra has done well out of Australia, its profits have risen off the back of hard-working staff and loyal customers and this is how it repays them – by sending almost 400 jobs offshore,” the union’s national secretary, Nadine Flood, said.

”And to add insult to injury, we have been told that one of the reasons why they are doing so is because Australian consumers can get better customer service in the Philippines or India.”

The Sensis business has been under pressure in recent years as customers desert print for digital advertising. At Telstra’s most recent half-yearly results, the unit reported a 12.6 per cent fall in revenue.

Telstra remains obliged to produce the White Pages as part of its licence conditions.

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