New Petition for Palestine

[Attachment(s) from Fay Waddington included below]
Just Peace has drawn up the attached petition in response to comments made by the Foreign Minister during a January 2014 official visit to Israel which questioned the illegality of Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
If you would be willing to help in collecting signatures on this petition that would be appreciated but there are a few rules which need to be observed if this is to work, which are.
• Signatures must be in original handwriting
• NO signatures on the BACK of a page.
• BLANK faxed or photocopied pages will not be counted.
To meet the above criteria you will need to print out a fresh page of the petition each time you fill up a page with 20 signatures. This means if you think you will collect more than 20 signatures then make several copies of the petition before you start collecting signatures. If you can’t collect 20 signatures just send what you have even if that is just one or two.
We will keep the petition open for collecting signatures for a few months at least so as hopefully to gather as many signatories as possible. You will note that a person who signs does not have to provide an address just a CLEARLY PRINTED NAME and a signature. They can include a Postcode but it is not essential.
Do NOT send pages with signatures to either Parliament or the Foreign Minister they need to come back to Just Peace. Just Peace will send them to the House of Representatives at the appropriate time. Whilst waiting for that time which is to be decided by Just Peace please store the page/s filled with signatures or post them to the address at the bottom of the petition which is:
Just Peace Qld Inc
P.O. Box 573
Coorparoo 4151
Please call principal petitioner Fay Waddington on 0402116055 or e-mail oddwadd2 if you have any questions and thank you in anticipation of your solidarity on this matter

JP PETITION 2014v4.docx

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