10 years of conspiracy and lies

10 facts for 10 years of conspiracy and lies!
let us get some facts straight. right here, right now.

fact 1 17 year old tj hickey died of the wounds of his impalement on a spiked fence on 14 february, 2004.

fact 2 redfern police were on active patrol that morning attempting to locate a bag-snatcher.

fact 3 young tj and the police patrol vehicles crossed paths several times.

fact 4 tj had an active warrant out for his arrest.

fact 5 tj was recognised by a redfern officer in a police car parked behind the old tnt towers.

fact 6 tj sped off and attempted to evade that officer.

fact 7 tj’s evasive path led him to renwick street, redfern.

fact 8 a redfern police vehicle was entering renwick street when tj entered it from the cope street, redfern, car park.

fact 9 that vehicle pursued him down the walk-way at the bottom of renwick street but the police vehicle was stopped by a gated fence.

fact 10 tj passed through the gated fence, crossed philip street, redfern but was pursued by another vehicle who rammed the back wheel of his bicycle whereby he became impaled on the spiked fence.

of course there are many more other facts but these 10 facts succinctly explain the facts leading to tj’s death

10 facts that have now been ignored by the nsw justice system for 10 years. whilst it is more than evident that the nsw justice system does not care gail hickey, tj’s mother, his six sisters, his extended family and community most certainly do. as do the many supporters of the family, including this association.

the hickey family, with his mother gail at the front, has been campaigning indefatigably for Justice and for the proper legal punishment of those directly responsible for tj’s untimely death. gail is also demanding punishment for those that executed the cover up and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

this began with the original police officers serving at redfern in 2004. several of those officers retired from the police force shortly after the incident. those that allowed the white wash and cover-up that still allows the killer of tj to go free. This is an extraordinary decision because everyone knows that the responsibility for that protection came from the heads of different NSW governments’,attorneys-general and police ministers.

for nine years the family has been rallying and marching but also having to put up with what has happened to all families of deaths in custody: the continuous harassment by police from several command areas, and from the departments of community service, housing, centrelink and any other agency that could be used to make a hell of their life. but they have stood their ground and now with a very heavy heart are getting ready for the tenth anniversary rally and march. more than that, if the government, the police, the police association, and others thought that the decision to fight for Justice for tj, would be fading, then seriously think again. the hickey family’s commitment has been growing stronger each year and if there is any doubt about it then just think of this: the last addition to the family is gail’s grandson and his name is tj hickey. a living testament to a living struggle that will not go away.

so the hickeys, isja and other supporters are actively working to make this rally the biggest to date. beside a strong campaign reminding people about tj and other deaths in custody, last year we went to parliament house and whilst there we asked to see the attorney-general, greg smith. we handed his chief of staff the tj petitions.last year a meeting was organized, more information was provided; promises made, and again, like with the minister for aboriginal affairs, victor dominello, after one long year, nothing has happened.

this year we are organizing a big march back to parliament again. this time we will not just be marching for justice for tj, but we don’t want useless promises of reviews, more papers, and so on. We are demanding concrete actions that ensure that the campaign is progressing in a satisfactory manner for the hickey family.

one demand, presented many times,will be presented yet again. And we will make sure this is understood. we want the plaque, donated by the UTS students, to finally affix to the fence line. No more excuses, no more denials, there was a pursuit, there was a police action and without that police action, tj would be near 27 years old today.

second, the nsw parliament must apologise to gail and the family for tj’s unlawful killing and the harassment that the familyhas been subjected to after that tragedy.

also, this rally will include the support of many individuals and organisations with the participation of some well known activists, leaders and personalities. speakers at the rally will be, in no particular order: jenny munro (aboriginal tent embassy), michael ghillar anderson (last original 72 tent embassy), sam watson, (murri Leader), gerry georgatos (nit), david shoebridge (greens mlc), kolin thumbadoo, (south african anti apartheid activist), irene doutny ( greens sydney city councillor) and cheryl and keith kaulfuss (isja melb). also invited but yet to confirm are john pilger (utopia), alec doomadgee (murri activist), michael mansell (tac activist), mich gooda (hr commissioner), kirsty parker and les malezer (congress chairpersons).

the march will start from the fence line and after the traditional opening of speakers and then two minutes of silence in respect to tj, after that, we will go to redfern police station and stop there for speakers and two minutes silence, the next stop will be at central station for two minutes silence, another stop on liverpool st in front of the offices of the nsw dpp for further speakers and a further two minutes silence and then to parliament house for an open microphone and the last two minutes silence..

finally, we wish to invite the nsw attorney-general, greg smith and the nsw police minister, mike gallecher, to meet publically with gail hickey and her family to set in motion two acts. for the a-g, the parliamentary apology whilst for gallecher the family right to affix the plaque to the fence line.

should that not happen we will return on the first sitting day of parliament, 4th march. we will reconvene to allow those two actions to occur.

join us and make justice happen now.

gail and the family want your support to make it happen now and not another year more.

should you be unable to attend the rally then please show your support for gail and her family. especially from other death in custody families as you know the pain the hickey’s are going through. please send to isja addresses below.

lastly we will have two cars available for the elders and children who wish to participate but cannot walk the distance to parliament house.


ray jackson
indigenous social justice association

(m) 0450 651 063
(p) 02 9318 0947
address 1303/200 pitt street waterloo 2017

winner of the french human rights award, 2013

we live and work on the stolen lands of the gadigal people.

sovereignty treaty social justice

ray jackson
indigenous social justice association

(m) 0450 651 063
(p) 02 9318 0947
address 1303/200 pitt street waterloo 2017

we live and work on the stolen lands of the gadigal people.

sovereignty treaty social justice

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