Refugee National Boat Day now Monday 27th JAN 2014

Dear Friends,

We have received some concern from members of the community about the timing of National Boat Day.

The 26th January is a day recognised by many Australians as Survival Day or Invasion Day.

In the interests of ensuring that both Survival/Invasion Day and National Boat Day receive the full support and attention they deserve,
we have decided to change the date of National Boat Day to Monday 27th January.

27th January, 11am to 2pm at Parliament Gardens

Do you suffer from Boat Fear or know somebody who does? Join us for the annual National Boat Day picnic.

National Boat Day is an opportunity for Australians to confront their fear of boats in a safe and caring atmosphere. Let us gather in boats to re-acquaint ourselves with a heritage we have come to fear.

Bring your friends, your families, your fears and a boat. Pirates, sailors, asylum seekers, stowaways & sea creatures. Inflatables, kyaks, tinnies, dinghies, canoes, sail-boats, and ocean-liners. All are welcome on Boat Day!

* Enjoy a boat picnic
* Have your boat-portrait taken on the steps of parliament
* Marvel at the monstrous Boatzilla
* Consult one of our Boat Fear therapists

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