A reminder for the 60% who want harsher conditions for asylum seekers

We have a perfect challenge to the 60% plus of Australians who want harsher conditions for asylum seekers. As we struggle in 40 degree heat with air-conditioners, unlimited showers and baths, fans , swimming pools and unlimited drinking water, we could ask this 60% to consider that the people in the Nauru camp with their children are living in the hottest part of Nauru with 45 degree heat EVERY DAY, in vinyle tents. Becasue of electricity cutbacks their fans function only intermittently. They are allowed 3 minute showers and are dependent on guards for drinking water.

The local Nauruans live in houses close to the water becasue of the heat and can swim when ever they like to cool off.

Asylum seekers have no choice but to live in a locked camp in the middle of this island on the equator. No asylum seeker is allowed to swim at the beach since last year including the children.

Abbott and Morrison are planning to send mothers with new babies to this hell.

Pregnant women are already there struggling in the heat, queueing for food, toilets and medication in the hot sun with no shelter.

Ask them if they really want life to be tougher for people.
  Pamela Curr
  Refugee Rights Coordinator
  Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
  12 Batman St West Melbourne 3003
  ph 03 9326 6066 / MOB 0417517075

  “AUSTRALIA. Built by boatpeople.”

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