Operation Talisman Saber Charges dismissed

Charges Dismissed Against War Resisters

Monday 6th Jan 2014

Four people charged with blocking the gates of Rockhampton army base during the largest US military exercises in the Southern hemisphere had their charges dismissed after the prosecution failed to proceed today.

Robin Tuabenfeld, Andy Paine, Dave Sprigg and Jim Dowling travelled to Rockhampton in July 2013 to resist Australian and US training for present and future wars. Around 18,000 US, and 9.000 Australian troops took part in the 2013 Operation Talisman Saber war games. They held pictures of victims of the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and lay on the road in front of the main entrance to the base.

Before court some of the group with friends and family held signs and handed out leaflets noting that the day was the Feast of the Epiphany on the Christian calendar. This is the traditional day for gift giving for much of Europe. It marks the day the wise folks gave gifts to Jesus before eluding Herod, the head of State intent on killing the Prince of Peace. Jesus eluded Herod, but the story tells us the countless Bethlehem infants killed in Herods search and destroy mission were not so lucky. Nor have been the children of Iraq and Afghanistan who have suffered and continue to suffer so much from our warmaking.

Their leaflet declared

Today we humbly offer our gift of peacemaking to the Prince of Peace, Jesus.After more than a decade of revenge, murder, and mayhem since September11, it is time for people everywhere (especially Christians!) to try the nonviolence of Jesus. As Martin Luther King Jnr put it, The choice is between nonviolence and nonexistence!

Lets continue the nonviolent struggle!

Rockhampton Bulletin News report:


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