Victory for Bob Carnegie

from Red Flag  QCH| 04-Dec-2013

Prosecutors have dropped all charges against Queensland based rank and file unionist and community activist Bob Carnegie. Writing on Facebook, Bob said:

“Just to let everyone know that I was advised by my lawyer tonight that AbiGroup has dropped all outstanding charges against me.

“This brings to conclusion a 15 month nightmare and an end to the legal assault against myself and my family.

“To all the thousands of working class people everywhere who stood by me during this very difficult time, my sincerest thanks.

“To Melissa goes my love.

“In the words of Joe Hill ‘It’s the life of the Rebel I chose to live and it’s the life of the Rebel that I will die’.

“Together we conquered Goliath!

“I will see you all where ever workers struggle for a better life. Thanks.”

Bob had 54 charges of contempt of court brought against him for his leadership of the community protest accompanying the successful nine-week strike by 650 workers at the Queensland Children’s Hospital construction site late last year.

Bob was singled out by construction company AbiGroup, owned by Lend Lease, as part of a vindictive pay-back for his role in that dispute. The 54 charges of contempt was the largest number ever brought against a single individual.

Rather than backing down in the face of this legal onslaught, Bob has stuck to his guns. He did not stand alone. The Defend Bob Carnegie campaign involved activists, socialists and unionists. Bob received the support of union branches around the country, as well as international solidarity.

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