Brisbane Embassy Food Program/Court Costs Fundraiser

Come join us for a night of spoken word, hip hop and perhaps even a song or two on acoustic guitar. This night is in support of the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy (BASE) food program as well as court costs incurred as a result of the Embassy’s political work.

Saturday, December 7, 2013
6:30pm until 10:30pm
10 Laura Street, Highgate Hill
hip hop

The BASE food program has been running since May this year and delivers food parcels to folks in Acacia Ridge, Stafford, Inala, Ipswich and other areas. Come and learn about the food program and the other work that the Embassy has been doing.

Turnstyle in Highgate Hill will be hosting us for the night and there will also be food and a raffl but the most important part, of course, is coming together. Performers will include MC Trikz, Fern Thompsett and two special guests. $10 on the door if you can afford it or by donation.
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