Mining starts in existing Tarkine reserve

The official opening of the Nelson Bay River mine in the Tarkine wilderness highlights the inadequacies of Tasmania’s existing reserve system and industrial approvals in the state.

The open-cut mine, partly located in the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area was approved despite the reserve status of the area and impact on values like the Tasmanian devil.

Vast tracts of Tasmania’s existing conservation reserve system remain open to mining and other destructive activities, throwing a question over the protection of identified values and making a mockery of the rhetoric that too much of the state is ‘locked up’.

“Open cut mining in a region like the Tarkine is an anathema given the identified National and World Heritage values of the area, its significance for threatened species like the Tasmanian devil and the damage mining has already done to wild rivers across Western Tasmania,” said Vica Bayley spokesperson for The Wilderness Society.

Mining starts in existing Tarkine reserve.

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