Angela Davis on Feminism and Prison Abolition

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Angela Davis, a radical feminist and a leading advocate for prison abolition, works at the intersection of many issues. In a talk she gave at the University of Chicago, Davis brought up race, institutional violence, gender nonconformity, Palestine, trans politics, and the importance of subverting ideological norms.

Angela Davis, “Feminism and Abolition: Theories and Practices for the 21st Century” Beyond Capitalism Now

2 thoughts on “Angela Davis on Feminism and Prison Abolition

  1. Gerry Georgatos says:

    Good article. The narrative of truth is challenged the narrative of the forces against it and the reasoning that drives these forces to do what they do. But as long as courage underwrites discussion there is some hope of developing a real challenge to these forces, but we are still a long off, and a long way off any effort as a cohesive one. The social justice and human rights languages, the real ones, are still unfolding… see

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