The forty two wise councils


‘NURUNDERI’ was chosen by “NEPELLE” the God of wisdom and the great gods of the universe, to be their messenger and take their forty-two wise counsels to the peoples of Pamanyungan. The promise of the great Eternal Spirit Mothers & Fathers being, that all those whom strive to abide by these counsels thus casting out all those harmful lusts and desires, would on leaving this life be worthy to enter into the land of spirit which is guarded by the blue crane “GARAGAH”. “NURUNDERI” during his lifetime on earth abided by the counsels of the great gods and due to his great love and understanding he became a god in the afterlife, drawing  the spirits of the deceased who are worthy, to their beloved ancestors in the next world.                                                        


1. Do not steal.

2. Do not be over prideful of your wit that your wisdom becomes clouded.

3. Do not turn from the right part when it is beset with danger.

4. Do not be haughty of vain.

5. Do not sexually debase yourself with any animal.

6. Consider others at all times and assist them on their journey.

7. Do your work not shirking your duties.

8. Let your wisdom quench the thirst of those parched for the truth.

9. Let your anger be just.

10. Show gratitude to all those who have befriended you.

11. Lay only the person whom spirit you love.

12. Respect the plant-life that feed you that they may flourish.

13. Give food to the poor and drink to the weary.

14. Be upright and honest in your trading’s.

15. Unite yourself with no one in the cause of hatred.

16.  Do not pry into another’s’ privacy or involve yourself in idle gossip.

17. Keep yourself aloof from filth and corruption.

18. Honor all true Wirinuns (Wise-Ones).

19. Treat your body wisely abstaining from harmful things.

20. Know your own heart and be genuine in all you say and do.

22. Let your friendship be loyal and strong.

23. Do not practice evil arts.

24. Treat all animals with wisdom and compassion, eating only what is needed to survive, respecting the animal sacred to your tribe.

25. Don’t eat until your belly is tormented, nor take of strong drink that your will becomes its slave.

26. Do not be greedy for the things of earth.

27. Speak no evil expect for evil itself.

28. Always’ be on the side of right and truth.

29. Use no man as you would use women.

30. Respect yourself, others and your environment. The sum total is respect of God.

31. Know that spiritual strength is the key to Eternal Life. Do not fear death.

32. Do not boil with envy of another’s skills.

33. Close not your ears to right and truth.

34. Speak out against all falsehoods.

35. Act always’ with honor.

36. Hon your ancestors with good and righteous deeds.

37. Accept the bad things of life that happen to you as tests from the Gods, do not try to take your own life.

38. Your heart shall not be torn by the claws of jealously.

39. Do not lead others into trouble.

40. Do not kill in hate and violence.

41. Do not lay with those who are your close kinsfolk.

42. Use your power only towards good.


I am black I stand alone

At death I wait to call you home

So matter what your life may be

 One day you’ll have to meet with me

So at that meeting you let it be for your good

And you walk in truth as a people should

For I am Eternally Yours Nurunderi

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