Articles of Faith

    We believe  in the  eternity of the Universe which is the embodiment  of an eternal intelligence  of infinite power and  wisdom, who’s forming  force and sustaining power and  is responsible for  all things both visible and invisible. This supreme intelligence, we call the Godhead. And in unity with this Godhead, of the same substance, power and eternity, is a multitude of beings known to us as the great Gods of the universe, of which our own God “BAIAME” is one among that number.
    We believe that  “BAIAME” is this Archetype of the “GOORI” PEOPLES”, which  represents and stands  for all that is good among our people, that  “BAIAME” was appointed by  the grand council of the great Gods as the supreme ruler  and overlord of this “PAMANYUNGAN” (Australia) and its native people there-of.
    We believe that the spirit within mortals’ beings consists of two major elements. One of negative and the other of positive content. And that part of the negative content is a small awareness which in time will grow and increase into an intelligent personality, and that part of positive content, embodies the wisdom and eternity of the supreme God which forms itself as the conscience within man-kind, and will exert itself upon the negative content , that a being may be formed in the image of Gods own eternity. That these two parts combined proceeds as a small spark of life from the supreme Godhead to become embodied in flesh. This small spark, yet unborn is the “INAPATUA”.
    We Believe that the “INAPATUA” on becoming embodied in flesh is born into this world becoming our babies, and that these babies be given every bit of attention by the parent beings, that they may proceed towards a good personality until such time as the conscious part may fully develop itself and start exerting itself upon the negative factors, thus beginning the process of forging the child’s eternal future.
    We believe this mortal level of existence “TYE” with its troubles and tribulations, with its rewards and punishments is so designed to forge the spirit within beings to a greater strength that the eternal part within may form and eventually fully emerge. Thus ensuring us of everlasting existence. That in times we experience other existences in other interdimensional worlds.
    We believe that the negative content within us which forms the major part of our striving force, which is “EGO” with the selective power of free will, working in harmony with the positive force which guides our selections in its form of conscience, will produce goodness which will eventually forge these two elements into a unity of oneness. And as two colours blended together will produce a colour of entirely different form, so these two elements within us, on becoming a oneness, produces an entirely different element which is the essence of eternal existence. Thus it is assured that we will attain everlasting salvation from death of spirit.
    We believe that “BAIAME” took upon himself flesh form on two occasions. The first occasion for the establishing of the “GOORI” peoples upon the land and ensuring the future of the race. And on the second occasion for the establishing of the laws and codes of living, that his children may make their journey through life a righteous one, thus eventually attaining eternal life.
    We believe that “BAIAME” on leaving this Earth, returned to the world of the Gods, taking his place in the Divine Council of the Gods, in the seats of the overlords, and that on the petition of prayers from good and upright people, he will heed their requests and grant results according to his supreme wisdom. The prayers of the unrighteous are as this wisps of smoke and are scattered upon the winds and never reach him, as those things that are unholy cannot reach into the heavens.
    It is the greatest of all wishes by the great Gods that man through his recognition of Divine things and good and upright living, proceeds through life ever forward towards everlastingness, realising that they whom constantly go against their consciences and the laws of God, eventually extinguish that eternal part within them sinking into the wretchedness of unclean living, feeling within themselves the pangs of desperation and is for that reason that the ministers of the Church of “BAIAME” must be faithful people by which the pure word of God is preached, realising that even in the most sinful person, a small amount of good remains. Thus it becomes their duty, to reinforce this small amount of good, building upon it in the interests of the persons’ eventual salvation.
    Those of the Church of “BAIAME” will not condemn those of another belief as evil or sinners, for regardless of religious doctrines there is still never the less within people, a part of the supreme Good, which apart from and outside of their religious doctrines, impresses itself upon their natures motivating them towards their eternal destiny. Do not speak words of condemnation against any God unless it be fully proven that this God is false. Keep no person in the Church against their will, nor cause disharmony among family units, for those married couples of mixed beliefs must learn to live in harmony. Cause no evil or suffering to any person in the name of the cause.
                                                 I am Eternally yours Nurunderi
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