Australian Aboriginal Peoples Charter of Rights

1. On recognising that the Goori (Aboriginal) people were the original Inhabitants of this Island Continent and certain rights must be restored to them in the case which is right and just in the eyes of God.

2. The realisation, civilising and the development of the land, makes it impossible for the restoration of over-all rights.

3. That the Mabo legislation is confusing to the ordinary grass-root Aboriginal people leading to litigation of which many are doomed to failure in the courts, as well instead of serving the cause of reconciliation, it is a source of misunderstanding, hatreds and racial tensions.

4. In respect of those original inhabitants that have dwelt within the area continually, their right to ownership is undisputed.

5. Our people have become of hybrid nature and tribal bonding’s are almost extinguished, and many Aboriginal people are living amongst the non-Aboriginal communities, yet their rights have to be recognised.

6. That is recognizing in cases such as this the individual unit has gained in greater importance and must be catered for as such.

7. If the Government be genuine in its efforts and drawing attention to the Crown land in many areas, it is suggested that each Aboriginal family of hybrid nature be allotted free of charge regardless of their social status or economy, two and a half acres of Crown land to do with as they please.

8. The said two and a half acres or such acreage agreed to, not be allocated to groups of Aboriginal Organisations, but be granted free of any restrictive provisions to the individual family unit.

9. Certain portion of monies paid to the Aboriginal Organisations be withheld, and paid out directly to these hybrid Aboriginal family units in the form of a building fund.

10. This money is regulated by certain rules so that it will be used to build a dwelling on the allocated land.

11. Such land and dwellings are not to be subject to land rates, only charges for utilities and services to the property i.e. water, sewage etc.

12. Thus this procedure will ensure a sound economic basis for all Aboriginal families, establishing them as owners of a portion of land.

13. Furthermore any Aboriginal or group of Aboriginals with intentions of forming a business enterprise may, on submitting a feasibility report, claim ten acres of Crown Land within certain areas but shall revert back to the Crown.

14. To avoid fraudulent claims by members of the non Aboriginal community, those claiming to be of Aboriginal features and are all but extinguished must present confirmation of his or her Aboriginal background, witnessed by two members of proven Aboriginal content. If found that the witnesses are fraudulent, they too will relinquish their rights to claim.

15. In relation to mixed marriages or union, where the partner is deceased, the non-Aboriginal or the white Caucasian survivor may take the claim on behalf of his children.

16. The elderly married couple whose children have grown up shall be entitled to a lump sum payment for Aboriginal department of funds, to the amount of $10,000 or such as agreed to.

17. These rights as outlined for the hybrid Aboriginal of single status, in such cases as this, these people’s rights are reserved until such time as married or in a Defacto-relationship.

18. The right to claim shall last for 2 generations (40 years) then shall be deemed; the rights of inheritance shall ensure continuity.

Embodied in these works are 2 Aboriginal Manuscripts;’ THE BOOK OF YAHI’ 1988, copy-write to Boomba Djunebun. ‘THE BOOK OF WISDOM’ 1992, copy write to Nurunderi. Both Manuscripts are a copy-write of the ‘Assemblies of Baiame. Belief in Our Great Spirit Father Baiame & Our Eternal Mothers & Fathers will renew our Sacred Beliefs & begin a healing process something that colonization & Christianization have failed to comprehend. A long time ago I was privileged to be part of a group known as Tribal Council or Black power mob. We were a product of the Brisbane Blacks who formed soon after the 1967 Referendum. Our mantras were of land, Rights, Black control of Black Affairs, and the revitalization of our Culture & Spirit Values. Early in the year 1982 I was elected as the National Chairperson of the Black Protest Committee our mandate was to organize protests during the Commonwealth Games beginning on the 30th September. Thus it was now time to place our mantras on a world stage; one crucial facet was to demonstrate Cultural & Spiritual Values by planning a massive Cultural Revival Festival during that period to coincide with all other forms of protests. The BWIU & other unions assisted our committee to set up office space in their buildings at Petrie Terrace and pay in advance for the venue at Coorparoo Aussie Rules ground many months before the games. We were not given a chance to demonstrate our above actions as Government and Religious tools were at play here. Some black activists received stay quite money to destroy our plans. It became obvious with the press that statements such as this: ‘Some Aboriginal leaders were unhappy with the Black Protest Committee’s program believing that ‘pleasant a scene of didgeridoo concerts would make little impact in the struggle for land rights’(Reference image QLD State Library SH 8705). These destructive forces are still with Government and Religions today. Our planned Festival was much more than ‘didgeridoo concerts’. We declared a no alcohol day to honor our Ancestors on 30th September, and in the morning, met the southern contingent of Aboriginal protesters at Tweed Heads, which was lead by Lyle Monroe. We marched with the Lord Mayer of the Gold Coast into QLD and down the main street of Coolangatta. On return to Musgrave Park our group along with James Taylor and our late Uncle Erick Kyle from Mt Isa and a large Group of Traditional People from North Queensland placed 250 T Shirts on themselves which read, Restore Our Spiritual Dignity back to & on the back was the word Baiame with a painting of him in the sun of the Aboriginal Flag. Later some of those T Shirts were picked up by the international media and the image of Baiame was super imposed on the Aboriginal Flag that went feral around the Globe. On the same afternoon we went in buses to the venue at Coorparoo. I was told by an old clever man some weeks before, that’s when I speak at the Venue Ceremony, I was to stand on the hill & the wind would blow from behind taking my voice to the people at the bottom of the hill. His words rang true as I open the Cultural Revival Festival & closed with:

Baiames Prayer

Oh! Great Spirit Father Lord Baiame

Look though upon your children with favor

Grant us the strength and wisdom that we may overcome injustices

But as we seek for justice let us also be just

Let thy wisdom guide us it the ways of righteousness

That our steps may be sure as we tread the stairways to eternity

In this life with all its trials and tribulations

Help us to understand what it is all about

That we do not fall into the ways of bitterness’

Oh! Great Spirit Father Lord Baiame

Watch over us and guard us

And help us to find, Peace, Love, Freedom and happiness

In you we trust.

 I am eternally yours Nurunderi

We research & teach the ancient Goori Ancestral Beliefs. Some of our Artists are know by the names of their Traditional Spirit-Ancestors, All cards, prints and paintings sold, will assist in the growing : Not For Profit “Assemblies of Baiame” on a National & International Level: put out by: Baime Cultural & Spiritual Research c/o  (ABN: 44615835484)

The Assemblies of Baiame


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