Unhygienic Conditions Creates Crisis on Nauru

> All Nauru asylum seekers should be evacuated to Australia says the > Refugee Action Coalition.
> “The fire at the Nauruan hospital is the last straw,” said Ian > Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.
> “The unsanitary conditions of the tent city camp have already created > a humanitarian crisis among the asylum seekers. Over 100 asylum > seekers have been struck down with an epidemic of gastroenteritis that > has made conditions in the camp unbearable.
> “There are only six portable toilets for over 400 asylum seekers. And > there is no running water for washing. Up to 17 asylum seekers are > living in one tent. The camp conditions are shocking. It is now urgent > for asylum seekers to be brought to Australia before the emergency > situation deteriorates any further.
> “There has never been adequate facilities to care for the asylum > seekers or the Nauruan people. Asylum seekers are routinely > medi-vacced to Australia, because the facilities on the island cannot > cope. Australia should be assisting Nauru to improve the medical > facilities there, not wasting millions expanding detention centres. >
> “It is now also certain that there are recognised refugees being kept > in the Nauruan hell-hole, but the government has done nothing to > ensure they are released.
> “The failure of lawyers to show up was one of the things that > triggered the riot at the detention centre on 19 July.
> “The government has been twiddling its thumbs while Nauru burns. The > asylum seekers on Nauru were sent before the PNG solution and were > never going to be resettled on the island. There are being kept in > inhumane conditions held hostages to Labor’s election campaign.” >
> For more information contact Ian Rintoul, mob 0417 275 713 >
> —
> Pamela Curr
> Campaign Coordinator
> Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
> 12 Batman st West Melbourne 3003
> ph 03 9326 6066 / 0417517075
> “AUSTRALIA. Built by boatpeople.”

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