Appeal for Graeme Dunstan Trial

Dear Friends, on Monday 19th August, Graeme Dunstan will be going to jury trial in Rockhampton, for his role in helping Bryan Law disarm a Tiger attack helicopter.

Bryan tragically succumbed to poor health and died of a heart attack in Rockhampton in March.

The amazing disarmament action with Bryan riding a tricycle across the tarmac can be viewed on

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Australia-Cuba Friendship Society meeting

ACFS General Meeting reminder

Queensland Council of Unions
level 2,
16 Peel Street South Brisbane

Tuesday 13 August, 2012
6.30 p.m.

1. Welcome and apologies
2. Minutes of last meeting
3. Business arising
4. Correspondence
5. Finance
6. Free the 5 Campaign
7. July 26 wrap-up
8. Brigade
10. General Business

Please let me know if you have other agenda items.

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