Refugee Action Collective: protest against Tony Abbott

rac-bannerFederal opposition leader Tony Abbott will be addressing an LNP fundraiser at the Greek Club on Friday. Members of many justice campaigns will be outside to give him the welcome he deserves. RAC is determined that a refugee rights contingent is among them.

When: We will gather at 6pm, Friday 7th June. Abbott’s speech is supposed to be at 7pm.

Where: The Greek Club, 29 Edmonstone St, West End.

Join us under the refugee rights banner.

Although the Gillard Labor government has taken refugee policy to a new low, deliberately causing suffering and hardship to thousands of vulnerable people, yet, incredibly, the Liberals under Abbott seem set to outdo them. They have promised to reintroduce Temporary Protection Visas, causing isolation and insecurity among those who have proved to be genuine refugees. Abbott constantly lies about the legal status of asylum seekers, calling them “illegals”.

He has personally staked his career on “stopping the boats”, by whatever means it takes. He has already mentioned turning them back by force. Where this has been done elsewhere in the world, not only does it inflict great anguish on both asylum seekers and the enforcers of the policy, it also invariably leads to marine disasters, including injury and death. And given that such a policy is unlikely to stop the boats anyway, we must ask, what would Abbott do then? He constantly equates asylum seeker boats with a national border security threat. It is chilling to contemplate what he may be capable of.

Let this unworthy would-be leader of the nation know what we think of him.
Further info: Paul, 3392 3843, or Tim, 0411 829 319.

Lantern Parade: Walk for Refugees

This is an annual event organised by the Multicultural Development Association (MDA). It aims to celebrate the contribution made by refugees to Australian society. It includes a parade with lanterns, floats and costumes, and a concert highlighting the cultural riches of refugee communities. Unlike the rally we are planning it is apolitical and does not involve criticism of the government.

RAC attends, both in support of the refugee communities and also to promote the World Refugee Day rally. Help in promoting the rally would be appreciated. Please meet us before or during the event.

RAC has been invited to join the Qld Council of Unions (QCU) contingent in the parade. Even if you don’t want to join the parade, you can meet us around the QCU float before the parade. If you arrive later find us outside the venue entrances.

When: Thursday, 6th June. People start to gather 5pm. Parade starts 5.50pm. Parade reaches concert venue 6.15pm.

Where: Parade starts at Cultural Forecourt, Southbank Parklands, near Victoria Bridge. Concert venue is Courier-Mail Piazza (formerly Suncorp Piazza), Southbank Parklands. This is the covered circular concert stadium at Southbank.

Further info: About the event: MDA, 3337 5400,, MDA website .
About RAC’s participation: Paul, 3392 3843, .

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