17 Group postponed

Though the 17 Group is a secular group with no affiliation to any religious group, it is of course friendly to the born-again Community of Queensland Originists.

Not for the first time therefore does it accommodate its loyal members who follow that persuasion by delaying its next meeting by one week, to allow them to observe one of their Holy Days (Nights rather) of Obligation. At that time they will gather, under the leadership of Blessed Billy Slater and the Revered (if not officially reverend) Jonathan Thurston, in seeking the inspiration of the recently departed Saint Darren of Lockyer in their efforts (there is still a way to go) to celebrate a Novena of meritorious Victories of the Faith over the Evil Ones.

Leon, ever the realist, without once referring to the rapture and omitting even to use the word ‘Armageddon’ of the coming struggles, urges them to persevere with all due fortitude on the narrow path until the appointed time.

dan o’neill

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