ABC: action for Palestinian Prisoners

If I could feed one ounce of Earth
into empty stomachs of stubborn roots
would this bide enough time
to see wings of hope
fly home again?
If I could write one song to free souls
from dusty dungeons,
this poem might work miracles
and I could rescue myself from
this noose of selfish despair.
Alas, there are no solutions
and life can be cruel
and cold as I

– Zahra Zamorano

Palestinian Hunger striker Samer Issawi is on day 263 of his strike and he is on the edge of his life, imprisoned with no charges and no trial.

At the protest outside the ABC at SouthBank in Brisbane Phil read out the letter from Samer Issawi explaining  why he has chosen to go on hunger strike (Samer has been without food for many months and is near death).

Justice for Palestine Brisbane held a protest at the ABC’s lack of coverage of the Palestinian Prisoners Day Wednesday 17 April outside the ABC building at Southbank at 5pm.

About aq dozen people joined us to support the campaign against administrative detention in Israel and support the struggle of the Palestinian hunger strikers and political prisoners.

Over 4,812 Palestinians are currently detained by Israel; 12 of them women, 219 of them children, and 178 of them held under administrative detention, a decrepit policy that Israel uses to hold Palestinians on secret information indefinitely without charging them or allowing them to stand trial. Not only are these prisoners held arbitrarily, but Israel’s use of administrative detention violates several international standards, such as deporting Palestinians from the occupied territory to Israel, denying regular family visits and failing to take into account the best interests of child detainees as required under international law.

The Australian media continues to ignore the hunger strikers as well as the ceaseless violations of human rights perpetrated by the Apartheid State of Israel. No More Silence No More Lies.

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Justice for Palestine Brisbane

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