Brisbane Sovereign Tent Embassy – upcoming events

community safety

And don’t forget the anniversary of
the establishment  of the Brisbane Sovereign Tent Embassy in Musgrave Park

12 noon, 24 March 2013
Musgrave Park

 12 noon up the top on jagera deed-of-grant-in-trust (dogit)
welcome to country
minute silence
 tree planting  by the families on the ridge on the way down to the bora ring
honouring the old people
planting paper bark trees to commemorate old warriors, men & women
walk down
 1.30pm down the bottom near the bora ring
smoking ceremony
contemporary stuff – music – bands
yarning circles
people running activities for the kids

fund raising

One response to “Brisbane Sovereign Tent Embassy – upcoming events

  1. Open letter to Mayor Quirk

    March 18, 2013

    Open letter to Lord Mayor Graham Quirk,

    The Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy extends an invitation to you for the important ceremony that will be taking place in Musgrave Park on Sunday March 24.

    The ceremony will take place under original sovereign law to reaffirm the permission from the sovereign owners for the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy to conduct its business.

    We believe that your participation in the ceremony will provide an opportunity for you to understand for yourself the religious significance of the sacred fire to First Nations people and give you the first hand opportunity to realise the support the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy has from the Traditional Owner groups.

    Furthermore, it will allow you to appreciate the depth of support that the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy has from throughout the Aboriginal community and also our non-First Nations brothers and sisters.

    We believe that developing your understanding of these crucial questions will go a long way towards undoing the damage that has been done over the past year by the Brisbane City Council’s approach and attitude to the Aboriginal community. Such understanding will also lay the basis for building a respectful relationship between the Brisbane City Council and the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy in the years to come.


    Wayne Wharton

    Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy



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