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Rudd rolls up at Coorparoo Bowls Club

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Kulpurum place of the mosquito and peaceful dove Say the word Coor – pa – roo and tell me it is not a pigeon‘s call. Norman Creek is where the ‘topnut’ pigeons still live … 230 years after colonisation [Editor’s note: … Continue reading

Help me make it through the write

THE Richard Stephenson debut novel, the dystopian Collapse,  is going gang busters.
Richard has kindly accepted an offer to present one of his blog posts of my choosing…
…We know it takes two to tango and three to trio but surely a competent author can produce a decent novel by themselves. ‘
Let’s read what Richard has to say on the topic.

Independent Author” – An Oxymoron

That phrase for me is the textbook definition of an oxymoron, like “Act Naturally” or “Jumbo Shrimp”.
READ the rest of Richard’s guest post:

PShift: Flood and Climate Change

PShift Broadcast 8 Feb 2013 This land is mine Yeah I signed on the dotted line Campfires on the creek bed Bank breathing down my neck They won’t take it away They won’t take it away They won’t take it … Continue reading


PShift: ‘Nowhere man’ widens the gap

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Interview with Kevin Rudd on ‘Closing the Gap’ on 6 Feb 2013 [PShift Broadcast 8 Feb 2013 4zzz fm 102.1 noon on friday] Rumours have been flying about this week. Is Kevin Rudd alive or dead? Will Kevin challenge? Would he have … Continue reading