Today the PNG PM drove straight past the Manus camp without stopping much to the disappointment of the people locked up in there.

He went to the local market place to address the locals and tell them how great it was to have a detention centre on the Island. Politicians BLAH!

Meanwhile in the camp the SAMS (single adult males) have been moved further away from the families. they are still desperate, suicidal and depressed.

There is a19 year old boy in a particularly bad way.

There is clear evidence of punishment and discrimination being practised in what is supposed to be administrative detention. The SAMS are being denied basic facilities becasue they are protesting. On Nauru all the Iranian s are being denied access to the so called “process” which is a name date interview in a 3 sided hut- not exactly a proper RSD but something to make people think that their claims are being assessed.

Report ONE from another Camp resident
The meeting that we had with DIAC yesterday was include two guys from australia and one guy from PNG. The guy from PNG couldnt talk and he was reading some notes from paper and he said welcom to manus and i want to talk about manus to you suddenly we all said we ve been to here for 2 month we are not new people then we just said let us to ask our qustions. he just said your process will start at early of next month and we dont know how long you are going to stay in here there is no minimem and there is no may go to australi or canada.

Those new SAMS are in the very bad situation! very awful! they dont have any shampoo,soap,drink,razer,powder nothing! they dont have any access to internet and phone. they are in tent and they moved to another side of the detaintion. we cannt see them any more. they said we will comit suicid again.they have not taken shower since they arrive. most af them are sick and that 19 year old boy is becoming crazy! thier sitution is horrible!!!!!!!

“I want to explain about the refugees that seek shelter to Australia. After 13th of Aguest the Australia government to ratified the rule and the rule is every refugees coming after 13th of Aguest must transfer to the third country lik Papu new ginue or Narua. Afeter this rule 8500 refugees come to Christmas island by boat but just 200 people transfered to Papu new ginue but about another refugees i mean 8300 people transfered to city camp or city in main island (Australia) and this is not justice rule.

In Manus island people have too many problem and they live in bad situation and condition. They don’t have good facilities for living in Manus island .30 children (i mean who are the underage) and also the young boys and girls above 18years old live in Manus island . They don’t have any good facilities for studying,hobbies,doing activities and their parents worry about their future. There are also the old people like above 54 years old so they need good medical service but they don’t have it ,like one man live there need surgery but nobody cares about him and also some women have asthma and alergy because of hot weather but the peope don’t have any air conditioner and that make problem for children and adults and another problems are their rooms don’t have doors and they don’t have any privacy there.

There is not any Cleaning and Hygiene . The bathroom and toilet are ancient. The Manus island has highest risk Malaria mosquitoes and it is very dangerous for children and adults and Malaria pills are harmful for health.there has snakes and some dangerous insects.the taste of food is not good and many refugees can’t eat it .

But the refugees don’t care of these situation and condition because they want to go back to Astralia and they want to know how long they must stay in Manus island.the most important thing is that the immigration of australia don’t go there for answer their question and that make people more angry so people try to do something to forced immigration of Australia come to Manus island for example the single men try to commit suicide and they are on hunger strike and families make demonstration. So it means they don’t want to stay more in Manus island camp and they really need help.

Please do something for these people who live in Manus island same as me.I am atefeh taghizadeh .I am 21 years old .I’m iranian and i live in Manus island camp now so i am one of the refugees of Australia.i write these letter from all the refugees in Manus .help us please and thank you for reading my message and i wish somebody take care about us .”

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