Julian Assange 7 months in embassy surrounded by British police, Hague in Australia

Today marks 7 months since Julian Assange entered the Ecuadoran embassy in London http://tinyurl.com/b5wv2s6 seeking assylum from U.S. persecution. The embassy remains surrounded 24/7 by British police. Anti-war & human rights activists maintain a daily vigil 2pm-5pm. Yesterday photo http://tinyurl.com/ad4jgj2

British Foreign Minister Hague and Australian Foreign Minister Carr seem to be awaiting further instructions from the U.S. in dealing with Julian Assange who did much to expose their and U.S. war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Meanwhile the British war effort continues in the Middle East, Afirca and Afghanistan,

During Hague’s present visit to Australia, Australian Senator Ludlum writes to Australian Foreign Minister Carr outlining the persecution of Julian Assange and demanding the rights of this Australian citizen be defended by the Australian government.

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One thought on “Julian Assange 7 months in embassy surrounded by British police, Hague in Australia

  1. FACT, The British Government along with the Australian Government are in bed with Obama. Julian has my vote for the Wikileaks Party when it is formed..Julia Gillard is soooo American it stinks .Nicola Roxon ,The Attorney General since in office has amended the Australian extradition laws to make it easier for the US Government to extradite Australian citizens….Idiots…Thanks to JULIA we have a bunch of new laws since she took office , Julia has demanded along with the idiot Albanese that we Australians use American Airport ex-ray machines also American smart Meters, American spy drones that spy on people and just recently while the Victorian Government was in treble debt , The Deputy Peter Ryan try to big note himself and flew to NewYork to meet the Mayor and made a purchase of double shot tasers (Guess one shot wasn’t doing the job),new police uniforms and high tec police cars(What the Hell?) one only has to research the FACTS on the Net.I feel more and more American everyday. Anyone ever seen the movie “Equilibrium” ? Do yourself a favour watch it !

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