Jagera elder supports Sovereignty

In today’s society there’s far too much value placed on the dollar, our culture is dying at an alarming rate and everyone is looking for a hand-out rather than demanding a hand-up from the Gubba (the foreign invader).

The Gubba is always willing to give us handouts, and this keeps us at a subsistence level. They won’t give us a hand up because they want to keep us down; here’s your welfare check, now stay in your place!

This country is occupied under a false premise – TERRA NULLIUS. Because the original founding premise is false, that means all the other white man’s laws are illegitimate. By going to their courts, you legitimise their unlawful occupancy of our lands.

To illustrate – blacks in the Northern Territory had gained back a lot of their land via the Land Rights Act 1976. In 2007, Howard the Coward used the existing laws in the Australian Constitution (section 51xxxvi – the ‘race’ power) to steal back that land that we fought for and won.

All these big mining companies get what they want when it comes to the weak and useless Native Title process.

This is our country, our land – we should be the ones running the show, we should be the ones at the top. But if we are ever to return to this position, it will take a lot of hard work on our part. We need to restore the blackfella’s way of living, with value placed on family not money. We need our own essential services in areas like health and education to be effective. We need to have our kids learning our values, our culture and our social norms in schools. We need proper government representation to regain control of our lands. None of these aspirations can be attained without a TREATY between the sovereign natives of this land and the foreign invaders.

by Kevin Vieritz (Whitefella name) Arjin Wooragard (Blackfella Name -Jaggera man)

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