Open Letter to Federal Member about Gaza

Mr Graham Perrett MP
Federal Member for Moreton

Dear Mr Perrett

Shells and bombs are raining down on children and other civilians in Gaza. People are dying as we speak. We ask you to show your solidarity with the concerns of large sections of your electorate by attending the rally whose details can be found below.

As you know, the crisis stems from occupation and apartheid. Both are abominations and do not belong to this, the 21st Century.

Australia, likes its mentor, USA, has a habit of asking: “Why the rockets ?” instead of:

  • “Isn’t Occupation of another people and annexation of their land the cause of the rockets and also the most extreme form of terrorism?
  • “Isn’t Occupation necessarily achieved and maintained by state terrorism?
  • “Isn’t terrorism including state terrorism pre-ordained when one nation occupies and annexes another and the occupied are deniedredress by nations like Australia who vote in the UN to suppress discussion about Israel’s Occupation and the human rights abuse that it commits to maintain that Occupation? And that it is the Occupation that causes terrorism of both types and not the other way around?

Australia does not ask: “Have we really worked to end the Occupation-Annexation?”

Therefore, would you, as a representative of a large section of people with the REAL questions, be able to ask those questions for us in Parliament on an urgent basis and call an immediate halt to Israel’s ferocious assault on an already beleaguered and dehumanised population?

Thank you.
Yours sincerely
David Albuquerque


Rally for Gaza

Raise your voice against the new massacre being carried out by Israel in Gaza. Already there have been more that 30 people killed and 300 people injured by the Israeli attacks. As they prepare for a new ground invasion, it is the duty of all those who believe in justice to join together to take action.

This Friday (November 23)
5pm in King George Square

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