Letter from Nauru

The Government of Australia, Human Right Commissions, Amnesty International and the Communities for the oppressed people.

Here being in Nauru are lesson for others, who planned to come by boat to Australia. As the time is going in we asked from authorities to answer our question about our process instead of giving proper answer to our questions, they neglect and show impeachment to our questions. We have been told by immigration minister during his visit to Nauru in September that they are going to construct a compound, where the cases will be processed and it will take at least seven to eight months. Your process will take several years after that it will not be known that you will be accepted or rejected.

If you wish to return back to your country IOM is at your service, media was told by immigration spokesman on 9/11/2012 that the process will be started under the law of Australia.
One of the officers of immigration by the name of Ant on 3/11/2012 told us that they are going to construct the camp in the end of November and it will take six months to start your processing.
On the other hand immigration minister talked to the media that the process of asylum seeker in Nauru will be started in few days.

Today on date 17/11/2012 in Nauru, one of the immigration officer told that your cases will be started in next few months under Nauruan law and I don’t know how long you will be here. This is an agreement between Nauru and Australia. One of the asylum seeker asked from immigration officer that according to the new policy of Australia that all asylum seeker who arrive to Australia after 13th of August are subject to be shifted to Nauru and Manus Islands.

She answered that the asylum seekers who are on Nauru and Manus island will be processed according to their laws and those who are in Australia arrived after 13th august will be processed according to Australia law and I am not giving you guarantee that all the asylum seekers who arrived after 13th august will be shifted to regional processing centres.

So it is a clear message to those who have planned to come to Australia that this is a lottery system and the law will be not implemented on all asylum seekers.

One of the asylum seeker asked from the officer of immigration that if someone would die in this Hell hole Nauru, who will be the responsible Australia or Nauru.

She was not able to give the answer and added that take care of you.

It is concluded that we don’t know when and where our process will be started.

The sacrificed 400 asylum seekers in Nauru are only the lesson for other.

Asylum seekers of Australia in Nauru Hell

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