“Antonio Gramsci: working-class revolutionary”

Antonio Gramsci was a leader of the Italian Communist Party in its revolutionary days, and spent all his last years bar a few weeks in
Mussolini’s fascist jails. The Prison Notebooks he wrote in jail have been quarried to justify many varieties of reformist or liberal politics.

A new booklet, out soon, discusses a major recent study on the Notebooks — Peter Thomas’s The Gramscian Moment — and argues that the Notebooks
were in fact a powerful contribution to the working-out of revolutionary working-class strategy in developed capitalist societies.

• Gramsci’s life and ideas: an introduction
• The philosophy of praxis, by Peter Thomas
• The Gramscian Moment: an interview with Peter Thomas
• The revolutionary socialist as democratic philosopher
• Anderson’s antinomies: a discussion of Perry Anderson’s analysis of the “antinomies” of Gramsci
• The other shore of Gramsci’s bridge: Gramsci and “post-Marxism”
• Gramsci and Trotsky

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  1. Meeting with Martin Thomas says:

    Antonio Gramsci: Marxist ideas for difficult times

    Meeting with Martin Thomas, editor of the book “Antonio Gramsci: working-class revolutionary”

    2.30pm, Saturday 23 March, at the State Library of Queensland, Stanley Place, L4: Meeting Room 4.A

    Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks have been quarried to justify many varieties of reformist or liberal politics. But in fact Gramsci was a revolutionary Marxist who thought long and hard about what socialists can and must do in times of working-class retreat.

    Comments on the book:
    • Adam David Morton (Nottingham University): “fantastically concise… straight onto the reading list of my third-year ‘Gramsci & Global Politics’ module”.
    • Murray Kane (University of Queensland): “Although only 70 pages long… containing more insights than many a full length book on Gramsci”.
    • Richard Price (Labour Briefing): “This pamphlet can stimulate discussion upon the philosophical aspects of Gramsci’s thought, and force socialists to think more deeply about their relationship to the rest of society, and how to transform it”.
    • Toby Abse (Goldsmiths College): “performs an extremely valuable role in reasserting Antonio Gramsci’s historic significance as a revolutionary anti-Stalinist Marxist”.

    Organised by Workers’ Liberty, australia.workersliberty.org, 0459 620 047. More: http://www.workersliberty.org/gramsci

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