2 thoughts on “Women can do anything!

  1. New? Hardly! Patronising or celebrating – hard call. Wadda ya think?

  2. Hello Steve,

    Well not new but amzing for me who is afraid of heights.

    I have known the young woman on the ledge ‘belaying’* her friend since she was a girl.

    We used to call her ‘mighty mouse’ because, as a 7 year old, she could climb open doorways in our house.

    ‘Mighty mouse’ is now an engineering student and, as you can see, can climb fearlessly anywhere. Her Dad sent me this photo of her climbing at Point Perp.


    I have two talented sisters who were told by their teachers and society that they should know their limits. And my mother was discouraged from aspiring to being anything more than a housewife and mother!

    They all, in their own ways, overcame these restrictions and stereotypes.

    I admire them for their strength and courage.

    in solidarity

    Just in case you are in any doubt…

    *Belaying refers to a variety of techniques used in climbing to exert friction on a climbing rope so that a falling climber does not fall very far. A climbing partner typically applies the friction at the other end of the rope whenever the climber is not moving, removing the friction from the rope whenever the climber needs more rope in order to be able to continue climbing.

    The term belay is also used to mean the place where the belayer is anchored; this would typically be a ledge, but may instead be a hanging belay, where the belayer is suspended from protection in the rock.

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