Refugees — from Tampa (2001) to Nauru (2012)


11 years since Tampa – we need to welcome refugees

No to Malaysia. No to Nauru. No to offshore processing!

In late August 2001, John Howard and the Australian government refused 438 refugees, who had been rescued by freighter ship Tampa, access to Australia. Instead the asylum seekers were sent to Nauru, a tiny island, where they languished for months and years afterwards. Howard used this incident to whip up racism and to further strip refugees of their rights.

Today we see Labor and the Liberals competing to deny the rights of refugees, and attempt to dump them in other countries. Labor wanted Malaysia, the Liberals Nauru. Now that the so-called “panel of experts” has recommended re-opening the hell-holes of Nauru and Manus Island, this has become the immediate prospect for hundreds, maybe thousands, of unfortunate traumatized and vulnerable human beings.

When: 1pm, Sunday 26th August.
Where: Brisbane Square, top of Queen St Mall, CBD.
Further info: Tim, 0411 829 319 or Paul, 3392 3843.


Volunteers wanted

This Saturday and the following Saturday, RAC will be holding a street stall, to inform people about refugee rights and more particularly to publicise the rally of the 26th August. Experience not necessary.
Saturday 18th August: 11am – 1pm, King George Square, the City.
Saturday 25th August: 9am – 11am, West End Market, Davies Park,
Further info: Mark, 3891 5385. If you like, just turn up and stay for as long as you like. Apart from the occasional stroppy customer, stalls are often one of the more enjoyable parts of campaigning.


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